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January 11 2011 Library Sciences Newsletter

My winter season continues to be snow bound. First in New York City and now in Alabama.

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Library Letter To Parents
Parents and guardians don't think about many tasks that library staff do or that the library, like a store, is a public place with many people going in and out. Informing them of age restrictions needs to be handled in a positive manner.


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Why I Don't Camp: A Poem By Daniel J. Laurita

The day after Christmas to the airport we went
Snow was a falling but no stoppage as yet
At the gate we were boarding when the agent said halt
No departure this evening no travel aloft

The flights before us had already been stopped
No rooms at the inn was the constant refrain
At La Guardia field we had to remain

Camping out, such fun, in frigid delight
No blankets, no food, no water in sight.

The Muzak was blasting the lights all a glow
A request for diminishment was greeted with no
We have no authority to do such a thing
Rules can't be broken, bent, or dinged

The cold night continued
No rest was allowed
Management in crisis to home did abound
To clients in stress no import they avowed

Morn did arise as oft it does
A singular helper caused a great buzz
Yet coffee was lacking it could not be made
For no one was here to give an OK

Delta team slowly came by ten Monday morn
The port was now closed for time unknown
A miracle happened a room became vacant
A nap, some warmth, rest unabated

Tuesday dawns with plows out a barking
To clear the white for planes now embarking
Our ticket said three to Nashville how nice
But our flight was delayed not once but thrice

Why was the question
A tire has blown, one then the other
No mechanic on station

At eight in the night told we are now
The crew cannot fly rules we can't bow
Off once again to beg and to plea
Get us to Huntsville will you please

Nay, not today nor tomorrow there isn't a chance
But Friday at dawn thru Atlanta perchance
Now a room we must find success we did have
But the price is arisen from Marriott's stance

To our room we did go but first we did tarry
From the barkeeps flow we did imbibe
So sleep again our eyes could abide

Wednesday comes third in our extended stay
Into Manhattan we made our way
Downtown and crosstown in clogs we did slosh
A visit to Eataly for a quick nosh

A show on Broadway we did partake
To grand central station our way we did make
A brassiere we did find
On French we did dine

Tomorrow is Thursday
A visit to Dad
Was our plan come what may

At noon my brother, third in line
To Jersey we went for a visit divine
Then to Corona old ground we did trod
For a fine Italian festa with Amarone wine

Friday, at dawns early light
We checked on our 6am flight
With hope and with prayer our hearts did soar
When to hear a jets mighty roar

Queues at the airport were a great fright
But no groping or rads were ever in sight
Plane loading for some seems complex fare
A sixty old lady gold lamé should not wear

Finally at six the doors did close
Wheels up, to Atlanta points the jets nose
On time we will be the pilot announces
One more connection and home is upon us

At D38 in Hartsfield we wait
The commuter to Huntsville hurrah at the gate
3/4ths an hour until we all board
Quick delta pilot pray do not hesitate

In Huntsville we landed to Athens we drive
O wait one last indignant surprise
In Atlanta some goodies remain by mistake
Perhaps for a strangers delight they will make

At home we arrived
our travails now subside
This poem now concluded
A jolly white Christmas? Ne'er be deluded

Paula Laurita, Library Sciences Editor

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