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December 19 2019 Low Carb Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

I absolutely know the holidays can be a minefield for healthy eating. There's sugary and starchy food everywhere you turn. There's also a ton of stress. If you get stressed, you start eating those sugary and starchy foods, which can make you more stressed, and it just cascades.

And then you figure, why even bother, I'll start eating better in the New Year. I just give up.

I know it's hard. If you try to simply ignore everything it's not likely to work.

The key is moderation.

Take one slice. Savor it slowly.

Bring your own healthy delicious treat to parties. That way you know you have one safe thing to eat.

Avoid stress. Breathe deeply. Self-nurture yourself. If a social event seems like it's going to be stressful and unpleasant, stay home rather than go out, for your own sanity. Set your own boundaries.

I know it's hard. But the more you build a protective barrier around yourself, and take care of yourself, the better you'll be able to reach your dreams.

You deserve it.


On a different note, I apologize for the problems the BellaOnline server's been having for a while. We finally moved to an entirely new server system and are still cleaning up all the challenges involved in that. If you spot a page that's not working, please let me know so I can fix it. The new server is definitely more stable and faster, so that's a good thing.

If you need help with your healthy eating plans, let me know. I'm happy to lend a hand!


Lisa Shea, Low Carb Editor

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