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August 28 2006 Painting Newsletter

Hey, there, Campers!
I do get some unusual e-mails (why else do you think I would write an article on painting a refrigerator black?!)
Sometimes I get taken to the woodshed by a viewer or reader:

Sent: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 22:43:34 -0400
Subject: Comment Submission via Bio Page

Just a brief comment on the Venetian Plaster description. Every Italian
knows that a bolongnese has it's prime ingredients. Beef, Peas, Carrots
,garlic ,tomatoes, olive oil. As they know the prime ingredients in
Venetian Plaster are Lime putty, water, minerals and at least 43% marble
flour. I have spent over 12 years studying and applying the authentic
material. With Glenwood's experience I would only hope he starts informing
people of the right product info, or lower his price and not compare
apples to oranges.Unless of course he is paid by his distributors to
endorse their poor representation of venetian plaster. Venetian Plaster is
a truly divine product in it's natural, authentic state. It cannot be
compared to anything the commercial painting industry has!!! Allow me one
episode on your show and will guarantee you, your calls and e-mails don't
stop. No disrespect to Glenwood ....he is a kind and talented man who is
well respected,as you know. This is about my passion....VP

My reply:
Thank you for your e-mail; you are right, and yet you miss the big picture of the purpose of my shows, books and articles, that is, to give the do-it-yourselfer and the average homeowner the basic understanding of products and techniques, to allow them to create some of these finishes for themselves.
The products offered to the mass market by companies like Behr and Modern Masters have absolutely no relationship to true "Venetian Plaster" (which I learned how to do over 30 years ago); these companies highjacked the term and market products that are designed for mass sales.
There are some artisans who continue to practice the art in it's pure form, just like there are some woodworking craftsmen who continue to insist on only finishing their pieces via "French Polishing". The vast majority of homeowners and beginning woodworkers just want to go to Home Depot, buy a can of Minwax Polyurethane, and be reasonably happy with the result. Is it the same as "French Polishing"? No, but it works for them.
Genuine Venetian Plaster, placed side by side with the mass production copy, has nothing to fear; the depth and quality, the shear beauty of it, will always win out, even if the cheaper copy gets the job due to price.
Those who pratice the true art forms, whether it be in the applied or fine arts, will always have a place.
Oh, and I do not receive funding or products from those I review. Most of what I do, including editing this site, I do not get paid for. I do it because I have fun doing what I do, and I want as many other people to have just as much fun.

The whole point of this is to re-enforce my belief that, yes, paint can solve problems, and yes, paint can make an ugly wall beautiful. But more importantly, paint and painting needs to be fun.
Not everyone has the desire and/or inclination to train to be an expert. In anything.
And there will always be those who have reached the "expert" level, who think only in absolutes. That is, anything that is less than perfect, their perfection, is less than worthy.
This newsletter, this site, is all about enjoying what you do.
Don't let the "experts", especially those who write articles and books that drip in self-importance, make you feel that what you do is not up to their "standards".
Just ask yourself two questions: Do I like it. And, am I having fun.
If you can honestly answer "yes" to both questions, then: Congrats! You are on your way to being a healthy human being!
And remember: Paint is cheap. Paint is fun. And if you don't like it, you can always paint it over. And the dog will still love you in the morning!
Enough of my soapbox. Now get to the paint store, and start painting!

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