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December 4 2008 Polish Culture Newsletter

Warm greetings to everybody!

It is a wonderful cold winter evening here in Krakow. It is also a very special day to the miners and all Barbaras in Poland (and probably couple other countries). As 4th December is St Barbaras Day, many miners in Poland have special feasts during which they celebrate the day of their patron.

Tomorrow, that is at night from 5th to 6th of December, the Poles celebrate St Nicolas Day. Many children will find smaller or bigger gifts under their pillows and St Nicolas (dressed like a bishop) will visit nurseries and schools to prove his existence:)

As Christmas period is coming closer and closer, we are all in rush and haste. Very often, when preparing for Christmas, we lack in time due to chores that we have. We clean, plan, search for presents, plan, then invite friends and family and once again probably plan: meals, time, gifts... all Christmas period! But of course we as well lead our everyday life. Using this opportunity, I would like to present you one of the quickest snacks and at the same time one of few Polish traditional fast-food products. Do not be afraid that it may be unhealthy: the quality of zapiekanka depends on the quality of ingredients that you choose. Anyway, it is fast and it is food! I hope you will have a lot of pleasure reading the recipe and even more trying it out!

Zapiekanka recipe
Nowadays the streets of Polish cities are crowded with places for buying kebabs or other worldwide popular fast foods. But there is one typical Polish snack, called zapiekanka, that is still as much popular as it was during 1980s.

You can read more about Poland, its tradition and people as well as to find other recipes at polishculture.bellaonline.com

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All the best to all of you! No matter where and who you are, I am sure we have at least one thing in common:) Many greetings and have a lovely weekend!

Barbara Swiech, Polish Culture Editor

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