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May 17 2007 Pop Music Newsletter

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“It’s not the money. It’s not the fame. It’s the influence.” Clay Aiken

Pop music has changed the world. This genre is connected so closely to pop culture that every generation will be left with pieces of their individual era punctuated by bridges and choruses of pop music.

Oh my goodness! It sounds like I’m writing a thesis. I’m not. I’m writing to welcome you to BellaOnline’s new Pop Music Newsletter – Pop Talk.

Yes, pop music has indeed changed the world and will continue to make a mark with new artists, new music and visits to the past. The songs and artists in this category have proved that nothing is dead, no levy is dry—pop melodies and lyrics are timeless.

We have a hard job. As fans of pop music, we are often left scratching our heads and ears over the abundance of artists, bands, and songs that are shuffled under one musical umbrella. We will see bands and artists come and go, sneak over to other categories and surprise us by sneaking back with new styles, band members and/or greatest hit albums. Our favorite artists might take a sabbatical or two to record a soundtrack, perform on Broadway or provide the back track for a television drama. We will wait because we love them. We just won’t always understand them.

That is what I want to do as your new Pop Music Editor. I want to see if we can go beyond the repeating list of pop songs played on the radio, the top 10 downloads, the MTV picks and what our friends and kids tell us is “hot”. I want to look at and listen to the artists to find out what drives them and what almost stopped them.

I also want to talk to you. I want to know what you listen to, why you listen to it or why you don’t. I love pop music. I’m not an expert. I shy away from experts and in music it’s impossible to know everything. I might miss something, not because I’m lazy or not looking, but simply because there is so much to see and hear. You can help by telling me what you want to read and talk about.

I have listed a group of subjects on the site—a beginner’s list if you will. This list includes such topics as American Idol, Concert Information, Fan Clubs, Myspace pages and even a section for fun pop music stuff. I intend to add more subjects. There are books about pop music to be reviewed, new fads and trends to discover and decipher as well as award shows to watch and discuss.

This is our site. You can keep up to date on the new features and subjects by subscribing to Pop Talk. I plan to publish this newsletter twice a month. There is a box at the bottom of the page where you can subscribe.

I know. You love music, you just don’t love giving out your personal information, I understand. Don’t worry, BellaOnline will not sell, trade, giveaway or lend your email to anyone. You won’t get spam, all you will get is this newsletter and when and if you decide you don’t want to get it anymore, you can unsubscribe. That’s it. Pop Talk on your time, your terms.


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