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June 13 2006 Pregnancy Newsletter

Hi all,

We were out of town till late last night, and I had no access to the
internet. So, here's the weekly, much anticipated (I'm sure), highly
educational and informative, so very witty, Pregnancy Newsletter.

And without further ado (drum roll)...

A Home Birth, slide show
A couple captured beautiful photos of their home birth, uploaded to You
Tube, and created a slide show that I think, is breathtaking.

This is an amazing little show. I've watched it now 6 or 7 times. Maybe
because my much hoped for, highly planned for births resulted in
cesareans. Three of them. This slide show makes me weep. Don't laugh.

We still have very little activity for any good forum or chat...pretty
please consider joining in?

I hope to hear from you sometime soon, in the forum, or anywhere.
Recently, I received an email from a lady named Eva, in her first
pregnancy, who had some questions that needed some detailed research and
answers. We emailed back and forth a few times, and I was finally able to
get her referred to several links that helped. Call me crazy, but I
really do love this stuff. If you have anything you are having a hard
time nailing down, or finding answers for, and don't find it on the site,
please email me directly, and I'll get on it.

I still think I'll turn my conversation with Eva into an article, just
have yet to do it...that way, other women can benefit, as well. You could
help me cover subjects that others are interested in, also.

And just FYI, I am in my own 2 week wait right now, with 11 days to go
before I could test (gah! If my family sees this somehow, I'm
busted...they don't know we're planning this hopeful 4th pregnancy!). If
any of you identify, or know someone who would, tell them to check out
"", Babes in Blogland. It is a fantastic
site compling blogs from all over the country, and world, with women
trying to conceive, who are pregnant, and some who are now experiencing
very early parenthood. If you are in any of these stages, you can get
your blog hooked up here, as well. Currently, there is a blog being
highlighted, of a woman who just endured more than 35 hours of a homebirth
labor, and finally had their baby boy late last night. Great pictures! I
think it's a great place.

Have a great week,

Personally Yours,
Allison Welch Tannery, Pregnancy Editor

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