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January 7 2016 Tatting Newsletter

Introducing a New Tatting Designer, Two New Books and a New Shuttle for the New Year 2016

2015 cover of Terachi Yuuko Vol 1 Art Tatting

I am still studying "Art Tatting," vol. 1 and "3D Flower Tatting," vol. 2, the new books published in 2015 by Yuuko Terachi. "Art Tatting" features fabulous necklaces, collars and bracelets. These are wide pieces and encrusted with beads, bugle beads, large rice beads, pointy dagger stones and pearls. The tatting required is very traditional and with familiar forms. However, it is Yuuko's unique combination of these traditional type patterns into stunning jewelry which will inspire us.

There is no list of abbreviations for the basic tatting but there is an aide to explain the diagrams.

vol. 1 pg 2 sample diagram of Terachi Yuuko Vol 1 Art Tatting

Using the straight line versus the ovoid teardrop to indicate which type of picot is needed, straight line indicating a picot without beads while the teardrop indicates a beaded picot, is very useful. Additional diagrams show the regular double stitch count and the number of beads per picot.

Yuuko's first book has only Japanese text but as you can see from this sample, there are detailed photos and the diagrams are large and easy to follow.

vol. 1 pg 6 sample diagram and text of Terachi Yuuko Vol 1 Art Tatting

2015 cover of Terachi Yuuko Vol 2 3D Flower Tatting Tatting

Happily vol. 2, "3D Flower Tatting" has both Japanese and English text. The magnificent full color photography for these tatted flowers, leaves and even berries make this book a real page turner. And I find Yuuko's method of overlapping flat pieces of tatting to create a three dimensional piece stunning. Her method is called "Yuuko's Push-out Trick" and is easy to learn with detailed diagrams like this.

vol. 2 pg 6 sample diagram and text of Terachi Yuuko Vol 2 3D Flower Tatting

I can't decide if I like the purple rose or the pink rose pattern best but I know that the purple berries will be the first pattern I try out. I know we will all enjoy working these patterns.

But first, take a closer look at the cover of vol. 2, please.

2015 cover of Terachi Yuuko Vol 2 3D Flower Tatting Tatting

On the cover are two samples of a clear shuttle which Yuuko developed herself. With the help and permission of Debbie Arnold of http://www.ds9designs.com/ and Makiko Itoh from the facebook group "Tatting," this short history was obtained.

Yuuko Terachi (Atelier Yuuko) developed the design and concept of the clear tatting shuttle. She designed this shuttle as a personal project, since she really wanted a transparent shuttle. She financed just one production run herself several years ago. It is unknown if a second run will be produced. If interested, a few rare clear Atelier Yuuko shuttles may still available. Please contact Debbie Arnold (see above) for information.

I highly recommend these two new books. The designs are bright and beautiful and just right for any tatter.

By the way, Yuuko wrote in her forward to vol. 2, "3D Flower Tatting" that her mentor was the late Mituko Ikuta whose three works are familiar to us. Tatting & Bead Tatting 1 Mitsuko Ikuta (Japanese,) Tatting & Bead Tatting 2 Mitsuko Ikuta (Japanese,) Tatting and Beads Book 3 Mitsuko Ikuta (Japanese.)

Note: I gratefully received these two books as a gift from Yuuko Terachi - G. Seitz

And here is the Jan. 1 newsletter in case you missed it.

Happy New Year! What better way to start the year than to pick out and plan to attend all the wonderful tatting events? Here's a list of what is known so far:

This special event is a tatting retrospective under the auspices of Rebecca Jones herself. It will be held at the intriguing store and museum, LACIS, in Berkeley CA Tatting Concept to Conceptual Art. June 3, 2016 - April 1, 2017 (info at:lacismuseum.org)
Read the details at: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art301068.asp

Sunshine tatters - January 29 - 31 Tampa FLA
Ruth Perry, Karey Solomon and Randy Houtz will be teaching

Finger Lakes - Teddy Bear's Picnic April 8 - 10 Lodi NY Finger Lake is a beautiful scenic spot. (info mid-Jan at: www.fingerlakestatting.com)
Karey Solomon is the hostess for this wonderful and creative bunch.

Shuttlebirds: Tatting from the Heart April 15/16 Spokane WA I can't wait for this one which is usually held during the Cherry Blossom Festival time (info at: www.shuttlebirds.com)

Palmetto: Tatting Out of this World Sept 9/10 Toccoa GA . OH what a fascinating theme! I'll be teaching beginners and "Stump the Teacher" classes . Come and join us. (info at: www.palmettotatters.org)

Fringe - Tatting is the Best Medicine - September 23/ 24, 2016 held in Cambridge ON Canada (see info at: www.fringetatters.ca) A fine bunch of tatters with whom I tatted last year. Lots of fun.

Here's the latest article from the Tatting site at BellaOnline.com.

Miniature Tatting for Dollhouses A Guide to Measurements for Miniature Linens and Household Item; PIECEWORK magazine contained an announcement of a contest for miniatures. They are offering 5 categories knitting/crochet, needlework, beading, quilting, and (my favorite) lacemaking/tatting. The entry deadline is April 1, 2016.


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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback! Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

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