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November 9 2017 Tatting Newsletter

Vintage Edging adapted from a Priscilla Yoke Pattern
By Dagmar Pezzuto 2017 ©

This pattern is a rewritten Priscilla Yoke pattern from 1916. Dagmar made some changes to better fit her towel.

Dagmar Pezzuto's adaptation of a Priscilla Yoke pattern from 1916

Decorative picots, and those that join to the towel can be made of the desired size. Dagmar made the corners separately, but they may be tatted with floating rings in R11. To accomplish this it is necessary to tat R11 as a false ring, scmr.
R = ring
DS = double stitch
CH = chain
FR = floating ring
+ = join
- = picot
-- = long picot
DP = double picot
clr = close ring
CTM = continuous thread method

Using 2 shuttles, start with thread wound CTM.
R1 = 10 DS -– 0,7cm —10DS. Clr
CH1 = 6DS –-0,7cm — 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS –0,7cm – 6DS
R2 = 10DS + (R1) 10DS. Clr
CH2 = same as CH1
R3 = 10DS + (R1) 10DS. Clr
CH3 = 10DS
R4 = 5DS –- 0,7cm -– 5DS – 2,0cm – ( DP) 5DS – 5DS. Clr
R5 = 5DS + (R4) 5DS –- 2,0cm -– (DP) 5DS – 5DS. Clr
R6 = 5DS + (R5) 5DS –-2,0cm -– (DP) 5DS – 0,7cm – 5DS. Clr
CH4 = 10DS
R7 = 10DS + (R1) 10DS. Clr
CH5 = 6DS +(R6) 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS.
R8 = 10DS +(R1) 10DS. Clr
CH6 = 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS.
R9 = 10DS +(R1) 10DS. Clr
CH7 = 3DS – 3DS (7X) (She used a toothpick to measure that picot.)
R10 = 6DS + (3º picot CH6) 6DS. Clr
R11 = 7DS + (2º picot CH6) 7DS. Clr
R12 = 6DS – 0,7cm – 6DS. Clr
CH8 = 3DS – 3DS (7X)
Repeat to desired length

R1 = 10DS + ( 2º picot CH1) 5DS – 5DS. Clr
R2 = 5DS + ( R1 ) 3DS – 3DS – 5DS. Clr
R3 = 5DS +( R2) 10DS –2,0cm – (DP) 10DS – 5DS. Clr
R4 = 5DS + (R3) 3DS – 3DS – 5DS. Clr
R5 = 5DS +(R4) 5DS +(2º picot CH6) 10DS. Clr
Join in picot R11
Finish ends.

Dagmar Pezzuto's adaptation of a Priscilla Yoke pattern from 1916

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