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December 14 2017 Tatting Newsletter

Flurry Snowflake by Harolahlala (Harolah Cheser),
aka The Shade Tree Designer

Flurry Snowflake by Harolah Cheser 2017 theshadetreedesignertatting@gmail.com

2 shuttles wound continuous thread motion or needle and ball
R = ring
SR = split ring
CH= chain
+ = join
L J = lock join
vsp = very small picot
TOR = thrown off ring (coming off a chain)
note: please remember do not reverse work after thrown off or floating rings
(- or + ) = either a picot or a join
Clover = set pattern of rings
* = repeat
SS = switch shuttles

Center R 2 vsp 8 vsp 2 vsp 8 vsp 2 clr
R* 2 +(previous vsp) 8 vsp 2 vsp 8 vsp 2 clr
Repeat from * until 5 rings are completed

Split Ring 2 +( previous vsp) 8 vsp/2 + (vsp of first ring) 8 vsp 2 clr

Flurry Snowflake by Harolah Cheser 2017 detail of point theshadetreedesignertatting@gmail.com

Point CH **3 vsp 1 SS
(TOR 1 + (previous vsp) 8 vsp 1 clr) SS
CH 1 +(previous vsp) 2 vsp 1 SS
R 1 + (previous vsp)12 vsp 4 clr
R 4 + (previous vsp) 16 vsp 4 clr
R 4 + ( previous vsp) 12 vsp 1 clr SS
CH 1 +(previous vsp) 2 vsp 1 SS
(TOR 1 + (previous vsp) 8 vsp 1 clr ) SS
CH 1 + ( previous vsp) 3 L J to next vsp
CH 8 + to next vsp **

Repeat from ** until 6 points are complete.
CH 8 LJ to starting vsp finish off ends

© theshadetreedesignertatting@gmail.com

To review the floating ring:
needle tatted floating ring, without dnr before nor after

To tat the floating or thrown off ring, you need two shuttles (or you need two needles or you must unthread and rethread the one needle.)

In this photo you can see two inward facing rings joined by a picot. After the first ring was tatted, the work was reversed. The chain was partially tatted. This is the point where the floating ring is to be placed. DO NOT REVERSE WORK. Use the second shuttle to tat the floating ring and close it. DO NOT REVERSE WORK. Return to the chain and finish it.

The repeat of the pattern begins by tatting another ring facing inward and join it to the same picot as the first two rings.

For the needle, either use two needles or unthread the needle after the first chains segment, wrap a ring and remove it from the needle. Rethread the needle and continue with the second half of the chain.

onion ring with last layer being chain with floating rings

In this example, the last layer of this "onion ring" construction has five floating rings thrown off.

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