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February 9 2017 Tatting Newsletter

Block Heart Bracelet by Muskaan © Jan 2017
www.tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com (prototype 2014)

block heart bracelet samples by muskaan

I much admire this one-pass block-tatted bracelet Muskaan is sharing with us. Depending on size of thread, the motifs can be lined up for earrings, necklace or fob. A single heart can be worn as a brooch or lapel pin, inserted in a card or act as a charm.

Abbreviations & Symbols used :
SH = shuttle
B = bead
DS = double stitch
RS = reverse stitch (unflipped)
fhs = first half stitch of DS
ushs = unflipped 2nd half stitch
vsp = very small picot
sp = small picot
SR = split ring
SS = Switch shuttles
+ = join
CWJ = Catherine Wheel join
LJ = lock join
BJ = ball thread/block join

Techniques/skills required :
Block tatting using alternating flipped (DS) and unflipped (RS, worked as in second side of split ring) rows.
Catherine wheel join (CWJ),
lock or shuttle join (LJ),
and 'ball or block' join (BJ) as explained above.
Split Ring (SR)
Add bead in center of split ring
Add findings to tatted jewelry

Materials and Measurements :
In size 20 thread, 2 heart repeats are 1½"/4cms long. Width is ¾"/2cms.
My finished bracelet measures 7" in length (excluding the first ring loop & end beads) and ¾" across in Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton size 20. I made 9 hearts. 2 shuttles filled with different colours in size 20 thread (5.3m / 6 yards is sufficient for 10 repeats).
9 beads of size 4mm (1 per heart) and 5-8 more if using for closure. Crochet hook and paper clip to add bead in center of ring. Findings (toggle, clasp, etc.) as desired.

Notes :
1. Entire pattern is worked from the front, without any RW ( reverse work).
2. The 3 blocks that form one heart are made in this order : bottom, right, left.

block heart in progress samples by muskaan

3. Pattern can be made in single colour, starting with continuous thread on 2 shuttles.
4. Reverse Stitch or RS is the unflipped stitch we use when working the second side of a split ring - unflipped 2nd half-stitch, then unflipped 1st half-stitch.
5. Block tatting : For writing the pattern, I have shown the common method of using a 1 stitch riser between rows. However, my own working replaces the complete stitch with 2 half-stitches in the following manner : 1 DS & 1RS is replaced with 2fhs and 2ushs respectively. Choose your favorite way to do the blocks.
6. 'Ball or block' join (BJ) is a notation to indicate : (pics) pull a loop of the thread that is closest to the picot, through the picot and then pass the shuttle through this loop and tension. If you want the chain colour to show up, make the join as seen in right pair. These are used on the RS rows. On DS rows, a lock/shuttle join (LJ) is used.

block heart diagrams by muskaan

Pattern : Join the two threads and hide or tat over tails. With Shuttle 2, make a ring of 15 DS (or as required to add findings) to act as a loop for closure. Switch shuttles without reversing work. The entire block heart will now be tatted with Shuttle 1.

block heart order of work by muskaan

*With Shuttle 1, work the 3 blocks for heart continuously as follows :
Block I Row 1 RS vsp 4 .
Row 2 DS vsp 1 vsp 4 . LJ
Row 3 RS 1 vsp 4 . BJ (to vsp of row 2)
Row 4 DS 1 sp 4 . LJ
Block II Row 5 DS 1fhs vsp, 4 .
Row 6 RS 1 vsp 4 . BJ
Row 7 DS 1 vsp 4 . LJ
Row 8 RS 4 sp 2. BJ (to vsp of row 7). BJ (to sp of row 4)
Block III Row 9 RS 1 vsp 4 . BJ (to vsp of row 2)
Row 10 DS 1 vsp 4 . LJ
Row 11 RS 1 vsp 4 . BJ Row 12 DS 5, CWJ, 3 sp 2. BJ to space between rows 4, 8 & 9
Switch shuttles.

block heart in progress diagrams by muskaan

With Shuttle 2, start split ring, adding the bead to center of ring
Note : adjust stitch count for split ring according to bead size and tatting tension. Repeat from * to * for desired length. 9 hearts will give a 7" bracelet . Add clasp or toggle at end or a few more beads. Tie and cut. Hide ends.

block heart diagrams by muskaan

For a stepwise pictorial, and more ideas/versions, please visit the blog. Links will be uploaded to Patterns & Designs page https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.in/p/patterns- designs.html . Feel free to contact me in case of any difficulty.

block heart complete by muskaan

Example of the heart with increased stitch count (8 per row) and rows (6 per block) as mentioned in the TIP on p3 Prompt and valuable feedback was provided by dearest Georgia Seitz, and my friendly, eager and very talented test tatters (in order of work received) - Ninetta Caruso, Melanie Cervi, Marie McCurry, Corina van Krieken. I can't thank them enough.
Happy Tatting always , muskaan, https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com Here's the latest article from the Tatting site at BellaOnline.com.

Traditional vs Contemporary Tatting What is traditional tatting? Does the use of a second shuttle to throw off floating rings from a chain make it contemporary?


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