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March 2 2017 Tatting Newsletter

Sakura by Corina Meyfeldt

trio of cherry blossoms by Corina Meyfeldt

Spring is Cherry Blossom time and master Corina Meyfeldt and designed a lovely blossom for tatters. Many of uses from hairclips, bridal bouquets, barrettes for brides' maids. And they would look great bundled together for a pin or brooch.

Material needed: seed beads of your choice, stringing tool (dental floss, beading needle, your choice), 5 paper clips.
Thread (Corina used Penny 20), crochet hook, 1 Shuttle and ball (CTM).
CTM = Wind shuttle continuous Thread method (CTM). Wind first shuttle, then unwind from the ball enough thread to wind the second shuttle from the opposite end. Do not cut the shuttles apart.
Technical difficulties: mock picot , lock joins. Working with beads.

The Sakura has 5 petals, so you will need to string 10 stamen on the shuttle and keep aside the beads for 5 others which you will string while you work.

Preparing the beads: 30 white beads and 5 gold ones for the small stamen, 20 white beads and 5 gold for the longer ones.
Before filling the shuttle prepare the small stamen as follows:

diagrams for stamen bead prep on cherry blossoms by Corina Meyfeldt

Fill the shuttle with these stamen on. Group them by twos, leave some space in between them so you can use them when you need it and still have thread to work the needed ds. Do not cut the thread.
The central stamen will be a long beaded picot secured with paper clip, so make sure you have all the material ready.

Start ring with all the stamen in the loop.

diagrams for stamen bead prep on cherry blossoms by Corina Meyfeldt

Working sequence: repeat 5 times: 3 ds stamen 1 ds beaded picot with paper clip 1ds stamen 3 ds picot.
The central part is done, you have all the elements ready.

· Patience is needed to manipulate those beads (stamen), but it is easy: just take the upper bead (yellow on the diagram) and move it...
· Try to avoid beads with cutting edges.

diagrams for arranging stamen while tatting cherry blossoms by Corina Meyfeldt

Next step: all chains and lock joins. I used a sequence of 15 ds, but please, adjust them to fit your needs. I chose not to make any joins between the chains, I like the way the petals just superimpose. You can use the Catherine Wheel join, but I preferred to interrupt the core thread, to have a nice angle.

sample comb cherry blossoms by Corina Meyfeldt

In the picture of the comb (pink and white), you have 3 different ways to use those stamens.
Left one: long beaded picot. Simple.
Middle: you have now already the directions.
Right: 1 stamen used as a bead at the base of the ring. It is working and the beauty is that it can be done not to lay flat.

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