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April 20 2019 Tatting Newsletter

Tassels and Onions Bracelet by Vicki Clarke ©2018

tassels and onion rings bracelet by Vicki Clarke

Materials: Size 10 thread
Size 6 beads (you can change the bead size with no changes to the pattern)
2 shuttles or tatting needle and ball thread

SR - split ring, which is notated by 5-5/5-5. The number on the left is the core thread (SH1), the number on the right is the wrapped thread (SH2)
+ join
lj - lock join
p - picot
C - chain
vsp - very small picot
ORJ - onion ring join. I suggest the one developed by Kaye Judt.
SOR - split onion ring
SH1, SH2 - shuttle one or shuttle two

Technique Suggestions:
I recommend using the technique at http://tathelper.blogspot.com/2014/05/my-perfectonion-ring.html?m=1 to start the onion ring or split onion ring.
When closing the SOR pass the core shuttle (shuttle 1) down through the ring so the thread is on the back of the work. Then complete the ring with a lock join to the smaller ring by pulling a loop down through the vsp on the small ring and pass shuttle 1 through the loop. This combines the 2 rings and takes the place of the ORJ.
I found it worked best if I used a different shuttle for each ring.

tassels and onion rings bracelet by Vicki Clarke


R 5 vsp 5
OR 5 - 5
ORJ 5 - 5
*Pull up beads from both shuttles (any number you would like but make it the same number)

Shuttle 1: R 5 vsp 5
Shuttle 2: SOR 5 ? 5/ 5 ? 5 close ring and make a lj to vsp of small ring*
Repeat from * to * to get length (make it shorter than you want by about 1 inch)
Shuttle 2: Reverse work C 14 reverse work
Shuttle 1: R 5 vsp 5
Shuttle 2: SOR 5 + (p SOR) 5 / 5 ? 5 close ring and make a lj to vsp of small ring*
Repeat from * to * end

Reverse work
C 14 tie into the vsp on the first ring
Add tassels to the picots on the outside edge. Then take a pin and fray the tassels to give them bulk.
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