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April 5 2018 Tatting Newsletter

Spring Break? What to tat?
Here is a great suggestion for a spring break tatting project with multiple uses. This delicate rosary pattern might also be a useful lanyard or chatelaine with minor changes. And beautiful beads could transform it, too.

rosary of split rings by Jeanne Lugert 2008

This is a 2 shuttle pattern that uses Rings, Split Rings and Lock Stitch Chains. This version was made with size 20 thread. And the stitch count is for the larger man size.
SR = Split Ring
R = Ring
CL = Close Ring
RW = Reverse Work
SH# = Shuttle 1 or Shuttle 2
LCH = Lock Stitch chain
- = Small Picot for joining
+ = Join
MT = Magic Thread
CTM = Continuous Thread Method
Wind 6 yards of thread on shuttle 1 and 5 yards of thread on shuttle 2 CTM.
All rings either regular or split have a total of 16 ds.

Beginning at the bottom of the cross:
SR: 8/8 CL
SR: 7-1/7-1 CL
SH1: R:1+14-1 CL RW
SH2: R:1+14-1 CLl RW
SR: 1+7/1+7 CL
LCH: 4
SR: 8/8 CL
LCH: 4
SR: 8/8 CL for 3 rings
LCH: 4
SR: 8/8 CL
LCH: 4

SR:MT8-MT8/8 CL (you want the loops of the MTs to come together at the picot on the SH1 side of the split ring, meaning that the first one will be inserted loop first and the second one will be inserted ends first ) Tuck the ends of the MT's into their respective loops and snug up so that the threads will stay in place and out of the way until you are finished.

LCH: 4
*SR: 8/8 CL for 10 rings
LCH: 4
SR: 8/8 CL
LCH: 4* for 5 decades
Cut ends 6" long

Join to the picot on the first shuttle side of the large SR by putting one end through and tying a small overhand knot loosen the MTs.

Place each end into one of the MT loops, and carefully work the end all the way into that section of the large split ring.

Smooth the stitches on the large split ring and cut the ends close. Ends rarely come loose when hidden inside 8 stitches even after going through the wash, but if you feel it is necessary you could use a dot of glue.

1. Add beads to the Cross rings.
2. Add beads to the Hail Mary rings.
3. Add beads to the Our Father Rings.
4. Use picots on the Cross rings.
5. Use picots on the Our Father Rings.
6. Use a medallion for the large split ring.
7. Use a purchased Cross and leave a small joining thread loop at the beginning of the first LCH to connect the Cross with a jump ring.
8. For a slightly smaller rosary, all rings will have 12 ds or 6/6 and LCH: 3 for chains.

©2008 Jeannie Lugert

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