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May 2 2012 Tatting Newsletter

Hello Tatters,

I took a break from answering my backlog of email last night to read
some of my snail mail. In the stack I discovered the latest
International Old Lacers, Inc. (IOLI) had arrived. It contained lots of
lace info and some tatting, too. Included was the list of classes for
the IOLI 2012 convention.

IOLI is a group of lacemakers of all sorts. See :
The 2012 convention is in St. Paul Minnesota, USA. For details see:

I was so pleased to see a familiar name in the list of tatting classes.
Patty Dowden! (See biography:
http://www.minnlacesociety.org/IOLI/pattydowden.html) Patty is both a
member of and a contributor to the Online Tatting Class. Tatters will
remember her challenging pattern on Hyperbolic Tatting
(http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2008/pattydhow2hyperbolictat.pdf) and her
modernization of a vintage pattern from the German book, "Neue
Luckily for tatters, Patty will present her Hyperbolic Tatting,
Free-form Tatting and Tatting Solutions, Possibilities and Discoveries
at convention.

Here is a her short description of each class:

"Hyperbolic Tatting (My favorite!)
A simple, repetitive method of making wildly ruffling, 3D pieces.
There are 3 ways to start one and after that the fun begins. (See
example above link.)

Tatting Solutions, Possibilities and Discoveries. Techniques.
This class is all about solving the problems that each student brings
with them. Everything is fair game. After years and years of
explaining technical questions on InTatters and teaching technical
classes where each student brings their problems to be fixed, I don't
have a preset curriculum. The curriculum is essentially brought by the
students themselves and we solve their issues together. [I call this
one "Stump the Teacher! :) ]

Free Form Tatting
I have become very fond of making free form tatting. I start with an
idea and just let it happen. That can be very scary for some tatters,
so I have some structure they can use and then just invent decoration.
My classes are not about make this pattern and work this technique
here, this way. They are about
helping each individual tatter learn something they really care about."

For those who cannot spare the time for a full week of lacing, you will
be pleased to know that the Hyperbolic Tatting class is offered on
Saturday. It is a 3 hour class and reduced participation costs are
available for the one day only visit. The convention will be held
Sunday, August 5 - Saturday, August 11, 2012. Those tatters in the
upper mid-west and adjoining Canada will not want to miss this
opportunity to learn from a master tatter. Sign up for classes NOW as
they tend to fill up quickly.

Happy Tatting!

Best wishes,
Georgia Seitz
The Online Tatting Class meets at PM and 8:PM (NY time) on Mondays

PS. I just read on further and discovered another tatting teacher will
be there! Rhonda Grobe has been tatting for 42 years. She is a teacher
by profession. She hit upon the idea of making realistic 3-dimensional
flowers in response to a spring ornament exchange for the Minnesota
Lace Society. Her lace garden has grown from the original
lily-of-the-valley to include bleeding hearts, daisies, daffodils,
violets, pansies and the lady slipper. Rhonda will be teaching
3-Dimensional Tatted Flowers. Rhonda was featured in an episode on
HGTV. See video:
Here's the latest article from the Tatting site at BellaOnline.com.

Occhi (Langwieser/Scharowa)
Occhi Schiffchenspitze - Frivolité (Langwieser/Scharowa). The 2011 edition of this book is the same as the original edition with the addition of a few more motifs in the "Musterteil" section and the back section has two peacock designs (one is featured as the new cover to the third edition.)


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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Georgia Seitz, Tatting Editor

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