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May 24 2018 Tatting Newsletter

Kids, Holidays and Tatting

It has happened at last. School is out and laughing children have begun the search for cool stuff to do during vacation. Some will sleep, some will play outside for as long as they can. Other kids will grab the video controls and veg out in front of the television or computer. There will be joyful trips, cook outs, camping and a lot of doing nothing at all. Yep, the good ol' school vacation holidays.

The older kids have so much to interest and distract them no problems may arise. But for the younger ones the day will come when cries of "There is nothing to do!" become the wails of bored kids. Now what?

Teach them to tat. All you need is thread and little fingers. Finger tatting is simple and easy to learn. Try these steps.

Although a shuttle, needle, or spool is a very convenient way to have extra thread at hand for tatting, none of them are essential in order to actually tat. Finger tatting requires only thread and hand(s.) The tail end of the thread is held while the normal over/unders are worked. Wrap hand as for a ring. Grasp the thread tail at the very end. Lay the thread over the fingers of the right hand and take the tail under the working thread of the left.

finger tatting step 1

The tail then goes up and over the working thread, back toward the right hand.

finger tatting step 2

The stitch is transferred or "flipped" and the first half stitch is drawn up and tightened.

finger tatting step 3

For the second half stitch, again grasp the tail at the very end. This time the thread dangles down loosely while the tail goes over the working thread in the left hand.

finger tatting step 4

Here you can see the stitch before it is flipped.

finger tatting step 5

Once the stitch is flipped, then the second half stitch is drawn up tight.

finger tatting step 6

When making a chain the same hand movements are used. Grasp the tail at the end with the thread thrown over the right hand. Bring the tail under the working thread of the left hand.

finger tatting step 1 chain

Bring the tail up and over the working thread and back to the right.

finger tatting step 2 chain

After the stitch flips, draw it up as normal.

finger tatting step 3 chain

For the second half stitch, drop the tail over the working thread of the left hand and down into the hole.

finger tatting step 4 chain

Bring the tail under the working thread and back to the right.

finger tatting step 5 chain

The stitches which are finger tatted look no different than shuttle or needle tatted stitches.

finger tatting step chain done

Using finger tatting, small bits of color can be added easily to flowers made of all rings. Close ring and finger tat one ds. Make another ring, and again one ds, continue for desired size. The tails can be hidden in the rings by using the magic thread trick.

finger tatting tatted flower

Remember to use bright bold colors that delight little eyes and fingers.

This week's article:
Mason & Calpini Needle Tatting Mary T. Mason and Adolph M. Calpini's Method of Tatting. This information was found in the actual public patent application entered on July 24, 1922, and published on April 15, 1924. #1,490,176.


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