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June 19 2018 Tatting Newsletter

Normally politics and religion are not discussed in this venue. I strive to make the information and articles relevant and all inclusive for the tatters who represent nearly every country and continent in this world. Today I must speak out. These opinions are my own and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect on BellaOnline.com.

This is not the regular tatting newsletter. This was written in the aftermath of seeing a sweet little girl in pink forced to watch her mother searched at the border. And moments later the mother is in chains and locked away and the child wails in fear and horror.

I am disgusted and sickened by this policy of zero tolerance and the forced separation of families. And housing them in cages! Pulling away an infant feeding at her mother's breast is unbelievable. Telling a group of small children that they need a conductor to lead their pitiful wails is so callous.

This is not the America which I have cherished. The land of the free and home of the brave? The welcoming arms of Lady Liberty offering a chance at a life where one can worship, work, learn in a great community. Everyone in America is from a migrant family. Everyone. This land was empty when the first Americans crossed the Bering Straits land bridge and began to move south. They were the first immigrants. All the rest of us who came later are migrants.

One of my maternal great-*great grandfathers was born in 1721. Aaron Brock, aka Tsalagi Ugvwiyuni Totsu Hwa. His people met the new migrants from European countries. Sometimes in peace since he married Susie Davis. And others met in conflict. Many newcomers were hungry even greedy for land. Some lived in peace and others stole what they wanted. But eventually, the people of the land found common ground and bonded together as the United States of America.

We struggle today to maintain that common ground. But we have evolved since then, we have matured, we have learned to value our differences and to meld them into a great society. At least some of us have. Some of our politicians have entered into a cult whose bewildering aim is to erode the foundations of America.

America does not tear children from their mother's arms. America does not cage children like dogs. Today I am writing the President and my congressional representatives to ask that common sense, humanity, empathy of the innocents be restored to our administrative policies.

I found my congressional representatives at this website:

And the fastest way to contact President is by email sent using this form:

To send a postal letter:
The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

To tatters everywhere, please pray for the children who are in danger.

Thank you, Georgia Seitz.

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