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August 23 2018 Tatting Newsletter

Eva Shock's Butterfly with needle lace

August 23, 2018. It is the dog days of summer they say. The skies are lightly dotted with fluffy white clouds. There is a gentle wind ruffling the tops of the "weeds" in the pollination fields around the farm. The scent of freshly mown grass is coming through the doors now, too. And the lawn mower has raised up a cloud of, no, not dust, but butterflies! We have so many varieties I can no longer keep count.

But all that makes it just the perfect time to sit out on the porch sipping iced tea, listening to the three-legged cat purr and tatting up a butterfly. Enjoy!

butterfly by Eva Shock

Eva Shock was inspired by discussions in the 2004 online tatting class of Romanian point lace (RPL) and by the elements of designing. Here is her butterfly pattern with split ring tatting and needle lace à la Romanian point lace.

Wind two shuttles CTM
Split ring shuttles
Split ring needles
For body: Split rings 6/6
2-4/2-4 (a)
6/6, 6/6
2-4/2-4 (b)
2-4/2-4 (c)

butterfly by Eva Shock

Bottom wing right side:
1-5/6 join to (a) picot
5/7, 2 more times for total of 4 split rings
5/7, 5 more times for a total of 6 split rings
5-1/6 join to (b) cut tie.

Bottom wing left side:
Reverse split ring order.
7/5, 2 more times for a total of four split rings
7/5, 5 more times for a total of 6 split rings
7-1/4 join to (b) picot cut tie

butterfly by Eva Shock
Wing 2 CTM, drop one shuttle through finished wing.
Count 3 split rings, between 3rd and 4th split rings make the alligator capture join.

Chain one English flipped, one French unflipped (Lock stitch)
5/7, 5/7, 3 more times
5/7, 5 more times
5-1/6 join to picot (c)
7/5 + (alligator capture join) at third split ring
5/7, 3 more times
7/5, 5 more times
7–1/4 join to (c) picot, cut tie

butterfly by Eva Shock
butterfly by Eva Shock
butterfly by Eva Shock
Stretch cloth tight by using an embroidery hoop, then sew the butterfly line drawing to the cloth followed by the finished tatted butterfly.
Use the caps of the double stitches to sew in the needle lace filling. Hide the end in a split ring then sew through the caps by going up through the caps. Fill the area then return using a half hitch, capturing two threads. Hide ends in the tatting.
butterfly by Eva Shock
butterfly by Eva Shock
butterfly by Eva Shock

For the upper wing sew several times through the same cap and needle weave the warp. When the filling is complete, run the needle back through the weaving. Cut ends.
butterfly by Eva Shock

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