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August 25 2016 Tatting Newsletter

Elizabeth by Robina Melville 2014 ©

Woven Picot Center flower by Robina Melville 2016

Requirements: Sample tatted in No. 20 tatting cotton.

2 shuttles, picot gauges & crochet hook needed.

Note: I prefer to use a picot gauge by laying it along my work. If you hold it at a right angle to your work use a gauge half the width I have given. It is important the picots made in the center are the correct length.

vertical method for picot gauges by Georgia Seitz
horizontal method for picot gauges by Georgia Seitz

Woven Picot Center

Wind approx. 3 meters (3.3 yds) onto shuttle 1 and approx. 5 meters (5.5 yds) onto shuttle 2 continuous thread method (CTM.) Smaller picots (sp) use a 2 cm (3/4") wide picot gauge (picots are 1 cm (5/8" long when closed).

Longer picots (lp) use a 2.3 cm (1") wide picot gauge. The picots are 1.15 cm (7/8" long when closed).

Split Ring (SR) 1: 2, sp, 2, lp, 2, change to second shuttle for next part of the split ring ans using wrapping technique not tatting (/) very small picot (vsp) 8 close ring (cl) do not reverse work (DNRW)

SR 2: 2, lp, 2, sp, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

SR 3: 2, sp, 2, lp, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

SR 4: 2, lp, 2, sp, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

SR 5: 2, join (j) to sp on SR 2, 2, j to lp on SR 2, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

SR 6: 2, j to lp on SR 1, 2, j to sp on SR 1, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

Before joining the final 4 picots weave each of them around the 4 picots already joined.

Woven Picot Center flower by Robina Melville 2016 detail of center

See the close up photo. If you weave the 1st picot under,

over, under, over the 2nd will go over, under etc.

SR 7: 2, j to sp on SR 4, 2, j to lp on SR 4, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

SR 8: 2, j to lp on SR 3, 2, j to sp on SR 3, 2 / 8 cl DNRW

Join to vsp on SR 1. Do not cut thread.

Round 1

SR: 10 / 10 cl reverse work (RW)

Chain (CH): 16 RW

* R: 10, j between next 2 SRs of center, 10 cl RW

CH: 16 RW

Repeat from * 6 more times. DNRW after final ch and shuttle lock join (shj) at

base of 1st ch.

Round 2

The sp (small picots) in this round are normal sized small picots used for joining.

CH: 3, sp, 16, sp, 3 DNRW & switch shuttles (SS)

* R: 3, j to 2nd sp, 7, p, 7, sp, 3 cl DNRW & SS

Using Sh 1 shj between the chains on round 1. This join can be made before making the ring if preferred.

CH: 3, j to sp on ring, 16, sp, 3 DNRW & SS

Repeat from * 6 more times.

R: 3, j, 7, p, 7, j to sp on 1st ch, 3 cl. Cut & tie

Woven Picot Center flower by Robina Melville 2016 diagram
Robina's pattern was first published in the Ring of Tatter's Newsletter #72 Spring 2016
Many thanks to her and the ROT for sharing with us.

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