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September 11 2012 Tatting Newsletter

Tatting and the Dog Days of Summer.

What does "dog days" really mean? I was curious also so I checked with the encyclopedias online and discovered the facts. The term was coined in the area of the Mediterranean Sea centuries ago. People in those days were more attuned to nature and were careful observers of the sky. During the last of the summer, the star Sirius, aka the Dog Star, and the sun move closer together in the sky. This celestial movement occurred during the hottest and most humid days of summer in the latitude and were often accompanied by disease and misery.

Thank goodness there is much less disease these days but the heat and humidity can be miserable for everyone. The heat can frustrate tatters into not double checking that ds count before closing that ring, or forgetting an important picot needed for joining. Worst of all, the humidity gives tatters damp hands which may make the thread wet in spots. Damp thread will not glide easily when tatting and many a knot may result. (Keep a pouch of talcum powder in your basic tatting kit but keep excess powder from the lace.)

So, here it is, the "dog days" of summer. Too hot to tat? Well, take a break and think tatting. Enjoy!


3. mp
7. Split chain
8. Tatting technique and dog breed
9. A weaver's knot is a ...
10. Tatted or bobbin lace tallie
11. Tool for tatting
13. Tatted scallop
14. Flowerlike picot
16. BTS
18. Self-closing mock ring
19. Dolfus-Mieg et Cie abbrev.
21. Measuring stick for picots
23. Title of Pat Stevens first tatting book
24. The Online Tatting Class abbrev.
25. R 5 ds tatted; 5 ds wrapped
29. This tatting technique sounds like a dance step
31. French for lace
32. German for tatting
33. half stitch
36. An one shuttle pattern
37. Alternative tool for tatting
38. Josephine Knot
39. Double or Balanced Double Stitch
40. Alternative activity to Superbowl viewingv 41. Author "The Pearl Tatting Book"
42. A "delicious" sounding type of ring


1. Founder of an institute which taught tatting to the blind after WW1
2. The Lacemakers of Puget Sound abbrev.
4. CTM
5. RW
6. Heart-shaped ring
7. SLT
12. German for tatting
15. A place to find lost pages online
17. What is a space of thread that "peeks" out?
19. Old word for picot
20. Tool used to make joins
22. Double stitch
26. Ring of Tatting abbrev.
27. International Old Lacers, Inc. abbrev.
28. Shuttle lock join
30. What do tatters hate to hide?
34. CH 4;4 rep.
35. FR or TOR

To view a larger blank puzzle, right click on the puzzle and open in a new window. enlarge for your ease in viewing. Answers posted next week.

Here's the latest article from the Tatting site at BellaOnline.com.

Modernize Vintage Tatting Patterns Modernizing a vintage tatting pattern is easily defined as finding a path to tat the lace from center to outer row, or from row to row without cutting the thread. The fewer cuts of the thread, the fewer ends there would be to hide.


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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback! Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Georgia Seitz, Tatting Editor

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