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February 19 2008 Today in History Newsletter

Greetings, everyone!

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The 15th-1/2 President (February 18, 1861)

In 1860, one event crossed the line for South Carolina and they finally seceded from the Union. That event was the election of President Lincoln--but before he was inaugurated, another man was elected and inaugurated in the South...

Also: A couple of "new" events happened over this weekend that are pretty significant. *February 18: The U.S. recognized Kosovo as an independent country.
*February 19: Fidel Castro resigned as President of Cuba (or dictator).
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Happy Birthday to those of you born this week! You're among some great company! Here are just a few of the people born this week (February 18-24)
February 18 –
*Queen Mary I of England (1516)
*Alessandro Volta (1745)
*Yoko Ono (1933)
*Matt Dillon (1964)
February 19 –
*Nicolaus Copernicus (1473)
*Marin Sorescu (1936)
*Amy Tan (1952)
*Jeff Daniels (1955)
February 20 –
*Edward Henry Harriman (1848)
*Ansel Adams (1902)
*Gloria Vanderbilt (1924)
*Sidney Poitier (1927)
February 21 –
*John McKinly (1721)
*Clemence Dane (1888)
*Erma Bombeck (1927)
*Alan Rickman (1946)
February 22 –
*Charles VII of France (1403)
*Heinrich Hertz (1857)
*Steve Erwin (1962)
*Drew Barrymore (1975)
February 23 –
*Georg Friedrich Handel (1685)
*Karl Jaspers (1883)
*Bobby Bonilla (1963)
*Dakota Fanning (1994)
February 24 –
*Barry Bostwick (1945)
*Steve Jobs (1955)
*Mitch Hedberg (1968)
*Alexei Kovalev (1973)

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Christa Mackey, Today in History Editor

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