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December 10 2008 Vegetarian Newsletter


Can you believe it!!! We are at year's end. Where did the time go?

Well, I don't know about you, but I've been hearing, for a little while, the whisperings of the New Year's Resolution bug going around -for at least a couple of months now.

Today's article will set the tone for creating successful, actionable resolutions. Whether they be for health, finances, your spiritual walk with God, you name it, you can use the principles in this article to set the foundation for goals and objectives you desire to obtain.

It's all a matter of getting yourself properly prepared to get to your desired end results.

This is one of many articles in a series that is designed to build the right model in your life. I'll encourage you to look at this as a long term event that continues to unfold over time where you can measure your results. This will belay the discouragements we oftentimes experience when we are met with the results of great resolutions, in unreasonable time frames, coupled with a lack of preparation, ultimately boiling down to 'wishful thinking'.

This will be the first step on your road to success.



Always keep some stretchers on hand. Stretchers are things you can use to 's-t-r-e-t-c-h' a meal. Onions, greens, peppers, sauces, grains, herbs, fruits, veggies, tofu, pizza dough, crackers, mung bean threads, etc. With them you can convert a meal that initially feeds 2 to one that feeds 10.

Last week:


- Had to get away again! But this time it was to the southern-northern or northern-central California area. We went on a pre-holiday visit to our family's. It was beyond awesome and we had a great time in the kitchen [Is any trip a value if there's no kitchen to work in?... NAY I say!] We went to our nephews recital where he dazzled us on his clarinet and there was the Bell Choir - Amazing!!! The selection was great and the company was even greater!

- I received correspondence from you guys regarding Thanksgiving's ice cream [the glazed, lemon, lime, maple... deal]. Just to let you know... I'll work the ratios out for you and publish them in one of the up and coming issues. [When I cook, personally, I never follow a recipe; so I basically threw it together on the fly and it turned out great! I'll come out of the clouds long enough to create an actual recipe of it and publish it for you though.] ;-)

so, without further ado...



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Setting Up for a Successful New Year's Resolution
Jason Hodge, BellaOnline's Vegetarian Editor
New years comes around once a year, and with it the hopes for a positive change. If you´re one of the many who´ve made your New Year´s Resolutions, and a healthy diet is one of them, let me show you how to set everything up so you can reap the benefits of your great expectations.



Starting a Health Resolution?


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By the way... If you have any questions or comments, please send them my way. I'd love to be of service to you and get you the answers that are most important to you.

As always... it's been a pleasure sharing with you. Until next time...

Jason Hodge
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