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April 4 2010 Vegetarian Newsletter


This past week has proven to be a very busy week, which is the perfect time to demonstrate how the whole pre-prep process can help out in a pinch, keep you from falling off the healthy food wagon to reach for that fast food. Now I'm not knocking fast food [can't stand it, but I'm not knocking it in this post], ;-D but I am bringing it up to show that when you pre-prep you can have a fast-food-experience without the detriment to your health and wallet. We enjoyed eating this week's recipe and I can pretty much bet the farm [I live in the city] that you will too!

Bon Appetite!

1 day
4 pots
4 types of beans
Stackable glass containers
Ice and a good fridge and you're ready to go



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Jason Hodge
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