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August 27 2010 Vegetarian Newsletter


In this week's newsletter, we're going to look at the peanut and the coconut. Some ways to re-frame the thoughts around them and new ways to use them.



Store your foods, when at all possible away from light and excess heat. I accomplish this by using a vacuum sealer. It pulls out oxygen and extends the shelf life of most if not all of your foodstuffs. It's a great money saver and if you've ever wanted to try as close to a Sous Vide method of cooking without the expensive equipment. It's probably going to be the closest thing to it you can get.



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Braised Peanut Tomato Stew
by Jason Hodge, Editor - Vegetarian & Personal Chef sites
Peanuts are a treasure trove of protein and flavor, but we don’t often see them as main course meals. We see them as peanut butter, peanut sauce or the traditional roasted and salted snack with its variations. In this article I will teach you a very simple peanut dish that’ll knock your socks off.


Tofu Braising Method - How To Braise Tofu
by Jason Hodge, Editor - Vegetarian & Personal Chef sites
Tofu is a topic oftentimes met with everything from puzzlement to downright disgust. Working with tofu is an art and there are many ways to coax almost every flavor and texture imaginable from it. In this article we will go over the braising technique.


How To Infuse Coconut Oil
by Jason Hodge, Editor - Vegetarian & Personal Chef sites
Not long ago coconut oil was used in everyday cooking. It's a very healthy oil and considered to be a 'low calorie' fat. Saturated-yes, dangerous-absolutely not! in this article you will learn how to incorporated coconut oil into your cooking in a very flavorful way.



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