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Hummingbird by Lisa Shea

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Poem Circa 19?? by John Grey
A Ribbon on a Breeze by Roberta McDonnell
Admitting Defeat by Joshua Paul Bocher
After the Funeral (Cinquain) by David Edwards
Autumn by Steve Andersen
Autumn at the Roslyn Giant by Linda Barrett
Celestial Gypsy by Angela Valdes
Child Gone by Levi J. Mericle
Cicada Serenade by Craig W. Steele
Divided We Sleep by Sandi Leibowitz
Earthquake´s Aftermath, 2015 by David Edwards
Emergence by Lee Evans
Emma Eames by Lee Evans
Fall Mist by Deborah Guzzi
Flowers in the Dirt by Richard Schnap
Growing Old Together: A Haiku by Melissa J. Bahle
Hurricane Season by Craig W. Steele
In Acquisition Mode by John Grey
Leaving Roznitiv by Ksenia Rychtycka
Legacy by Jean Biegun
Long Marriage by Pam Clements
Mail for a Figment by Sandi Leibowitz
Manhattan Tobacco Ceremony by Eva M. Olsgard
Mattinata by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo
Mind Your Tongue by Linda B. Gamble
Neap Tide by Deborah Guzzi
Nocturne by Lee Evans
Normal by Beate Sigriddaughter
October Requiem by J. Scott Shields
Old Willows by Craig W. Steele
Once We Were Brooms by Danny P. Barbare
Origin Of Family by Billy Manas
Spring Tide by Rich Persoff
The Badger´s Song by Rich Persoff
The Best Last Meal by Rosalyn Marhatta
The Bird of Prey (Cinquain) by David Edwards
The Songstress by Damian Balassone
The Void by Susan P. Blevins
Too Cold For June by Billy Manas
Towards the Banality of Overwhelming Questions
by Noel Canin
Train Ride To The Past by Ksenia Rychtycka
We Were Where We Were by Rian Torr


A Visit To The Doctor by Susan P. Blevins
Breaking an Egg by Manijeh Badiozamani
Once Bitten... by Susan P. Blevins
Summers at Red Wing by Steve Andersen
The Joy of Religion by Julie Dreyer Wang
West Africa: A Love Story by Julie Dreyer Wang


By the Time the Boat Reached Las Palmas by Patty Somlo
Lament of the Loon by Virginia Lee Bliss
Saving the Good Doctor by Ruth Z Deming
Still Lost by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Thanksgiving Fitness Tracker by Virginia Lee Bliss
That Fat Girl From Atlanta by Pamela Blackmon-Carroll
The Dancing Ghost by Bibi Gore
The Night of the Pooka by Dennis Maulsby
The Spider by Mandi S Lockley



Stephanie Caruana by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Hummingbird by Lisa Shea
Saguaro 2 by Ophelia Sikes
Saguaro 1 by Ophelia Sikes
Hummingbird by Ophelia Sikes
Flower by Ophelia Sikes
Ducks by Lisa Shea
Flower by Lisa Shea
Prairie Dog by Lisa Shea
Japanese Arrowheads by Lisa Shea
Lions by Bob See
Duck by Bob See
Elephant and Pizza by Bob See
Flower by Bob See
Butterfly by Bob See
Banana Ant by Mark Berkery
Leafcutter Bee by Mark Berkery
Native Bee by Mark Berkery
Beetle by Mark Berkery
Leopard Beetle by Mark Berkery
Abstract #4 by Ann Waller
Abstract #3 by Ann Waller
Abstract #2 by Ann Waller
Abstract #1 by Ann Waller
Sunset by Ann Waller
Sun Piercing Clouds by Murray Dunlap
Morning Rise by David L. Cooper
Bird of Paradise Wings by JackiGail
Metal Roddie by JackiGail
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse by Bob Evans
Maine Sky #1 by Bob Evans
Great Blue Heron in Morning Mist by Al Rollins
Anhinga Looking over His Territory by Al Rollins
Dublin Skyline by Korie Beth Brown, Ph.D.
Star Shattering by Stacy Maddox
Nutmeg Geranium Leaf by Stacy Maddox
Purple Days by Stacy Maddox
Wisteria Lane by Christine Catalano
Creamy Petals by Christine Catalano
Lady Slipper by Christine Catalano
Thor´s Sunset by Christine Catalano
Spiky Flower by Christine Catalano
Heat Hiker by Donna Sciandra
Hand of Duchamp by Donna Sciandra
Capitol Gorge Hummingbird by Donna Sciandra
So, What´s On Your Mind, Donna?
by Andrew R. Sciandra
Surrealistic Landscape by Andrew R. Sciandra
Still Life at Chimney Rock by Andrew R. Sciandra
Insignificant by Andrew R. Sciandra
Add A Stone by Andrew R. Sciandra


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