Networking Basics

Computer Networks
This category covers the basic fundamentals of computer networking. It also serves as an introduction for those new to computer networking.

A Network and Its Requirements star
Every great network started from the simplest network. This article takes a look at the most basic network and a few of its requirements.

Converting Decimal Numbers into Binary Numbers star
Converting decimal numbers into binary numbers is one of the most common and simplest procedures to perform. Want to know more about the conversion of decimal numbers into binary numbers? Then, please read on.

Converting Decimals and Decimal Fractions to Octal star
This article is a brief explanation on how to convert decimals and decimal fractions to octal, a base-8 number system that uses eight unique symbols (0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7).

Ethernet , Packets & MAC Addresses star
Many decisions were faced when designing Ethernet. But data packets and MAC addresses helped resolve some major issues. Want to know how? Read more...

From Sneakernet to Ethernet star
Did you know that the birth of Ethernet not only changed the way in which we share data, but also saved us money on shoes? Read on and find out how...

Get Your Tech News! star
If you need and want tech news, then you're in the right place. Here you'll get all the tech news you could ever ask for. Updated every 15 minutes, we'll keep you informed of the most current events in technology.

How to Convert a Binary Number to a Decimal Number star
If you've ever been interested in converting binary numbers into decimal numbers, you'll find that the process is really very simple. This article contains quick and easy steps in performing this conversion.

IEEE & 802 Standards star
Want to know a little more IEEE and the 802 Standards? Then, you make sure that you read on...

MAC Addresses star
MAC addresses are to Ethernet networks as I/O addresses are to individual computers. Read how the IEEE controls MAC addresses on NICs.

Networking Hardware Devices star
In this article, we briefly discuss networking hardware devices and how they are used.

What is a Bridge? star
This article discusses what bridges are, as well as how and why they are used.

What is a Connector? star
A connector is best known for providing a physical link between two components. But there are different connectors depending on the type of connection being made and each has its own feature. Find out more about connectors.

What is a Hub? star
This article discusses what hubs are, how they are used and what they do.

What is a Motherboard? star
The motherboard is the main system board for PCs. Find out how they work and how to choose one.

What is a Network Interface Card (NIC)? star
The most important PC device is the network interface card (NIC). Find out how they work and why you need them?

What Is A Network Segment? star
Depending upon the topology in use, a network segment can be different. But, the concept remains the same for all topologies. Want to know more? Then, read on..

What Is A Network? star
What exactly is an Ethernet network? Let´s take a look at some of its basic properties, and get a little information about some of the equipment needed for local and wide area network.

What is a Repeater? star
This article discusses what a repeater is, as well as how and why repeaters are used.

What is a Router? star
This article discusses what routers are, as well as how and why they are used?

What is a Switch? star
This articles discusses what switches are, as well as how and why they are used.

What is an IP Address - HowStuffWorks star
IP addresses.... everyone on the Internet has their own unique IP address. And, no, this doesn´t mean that you have to order new mailing labels because this address is for your computer. IP addresses are very important. HowStuffWorks tells us why.

What is CRC Error Correction? star
The CRC code contained in a data packet simply allow Ethernet nodes to handle the fact that sometimes bad things to good data. Want to know more about CRC, then read on.

What is Telephony? star
Voice of the Internet. It´s a modern technology that´s a technological breakthrough.

What is VPN? star
VPN easily connects your home computer to your company´s network. Find out how easy it is for you to bring your work home.

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