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Breastfeeding and the Nestle Boycott
Why do many breastfeeding advocates support a boycott of Nestle products? Is Nestle in violation of the World Health Organization code on marketing infant formula? Should you boycott Nestle products?

Breastfeeding and Conscious Parenting
I've often remarked that Breastfeeding is the "gateway drug" to conscious parenting. An exploration of how breastfeeding may lead to other child-centered parenting choices.

Breastfeeding through Illness or Injury
Nursing a child through an illness or injury may not be at the top (or even on!) many "Benefits of Breastfeeding" lists, but I have found it to be one of the most important perks.

Breastfeeding and Babywearing – Pouches and Slings
Slings and pouches are truly helpful for breastfeeding and baby care – especially with infants and newborns. Here's some information, tips and tricks for nursing with a sling or pouch.

Breastfeeding and Afterbirth Pain
Many women who plan to breastfeed are unprepared for the afterbirth pain that accompanies nursing in the first few days after birth.

Breastfeeding and Back Pain
Back pain is a common complaint of new nursing mothers. Most of the time, this is an avoidable problem. Back pain while breastfeeding generally comes from easily correctable posture problems.

Medela Nursing Stool Review
Using a nursing stool can help make the daily routine of nursing easier (and sometimes less painful). Here's my experience with the Medela Nursing Stool.

Single-Side Breastfeeding
Many mothers ask me if and how they can feed on only one breast per feeding? Discusses when this might be appropriate and how to give it a try.

Encouraging Friends to Breastfeed
For those of us who have experienced successful breastfeeding, it's sometimes hard to know how to be supportive and encouraging with pregnant friends and new mothers. How best can we help others we know and love to share in the joy that we have found through breastfeeding?

Nursing in the Side-Lying Position
The side-lying position can help mothers get more sleep. Here's some tips and information on nursing lying down.

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