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Breast Care While Breastfeeding
Mothers often wonder if any special care or preparation of the breast is required for breastfeeding. Here's what you need to know.

Hospital Birth Routines and Breastfeeding Effects
Hospital routine and policy just after delivery can have an effect on the successful inititation of breastfeeding. Here are some potential pitfalls to plan for or try to avoid.

Do Nurse-Ins Work?
A nurse-in, sometimes also called a nursing flash mob, is when a group of breastfeeding mothers deliberately gathers with their nursing babies in a public place to breastfeed. They call attention to political issues surrounding breastfeeding and nursing in public. Are they effective?

What is a Nurse-In?
Now and again nursing mothers gather in public in what is generally referred to a nurse-in, or nursing flash mob. What exactly is a nurse-in, what is the point, and why do some see them as controversial?

How Dads Can Support Breastfeeding
What's a Dad to do? Husbands can sometimes feel left out of the special relationship between a mom and a breastfed baby, but there are many things a Dad can do to support breastfeeding and create a unique bond with his baby at the same time.

Pumping in the Hospital
Pumping in the hospital to protect milk supply is important for mothers unable to resolve latch challenges or in case of a separation from their newborn(s) in the first days after birth.

When Breastfed Babies Bite
Biting by breastfed babies is usually a temporary problem, but one the causes much worry (and some pain!) for nursing mothers. Here's some tips on what to do if babies bite while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Photos on Facebook
Literally hundreds of thousands of users protest Facebook's removal of breastfeeding photos from user pages. A description of Facebook's policies on breastfeeding photos, and my thoughts on the debate regarding breastfeeding photos on Facebook.

Responses to Opponents of Public Breastfeeding
Responses to common objections to public breastfeeding, from the serious to the absurd. For those opposed as well as those having to deal with those opposed to nursing in public.

Drinking while Breastfeeding – Pumping and Dumping
There is a common misconception that breastfeeding mothers who drink an alcoholic beverage must "pump and dump," that is, pump and throw away their breast milk before feeding their babies. Do mothers even need to pump and dump? Why or why not?

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