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Timing the Use of Stored Breast Milk
Does stored breast milk need to be used at the same time of day that it was pumped? Despite some 2009 news coverage to that effect, breastfeeding mothers likely need not to stress about this detail when doing their children the loving service of providing breast milk when separated.

Breastfeeding and Pacifiers
Should breastfed babies be offered pacifiers. Here are the facts nursing moms need to know.

Decongestants and Breastfeeding
Decongestants, designed to dry up mucous in the body, are also known anecdotally to "dry up" milk and can cause noticeable supply issues, even after just one dose. Here's what nursing mother's need to know about this common cold medication.

Breastfeeding and Dietary Restrictions
Are there foods that all breastfeeding mothers must avoid? Not really... explore this commonly held myth.

End Breastfeeding with a Weaning Party
A Goodbye to Nursing Party is a great way for toddlers or older children and mothers to give closure to the end of a breastfeeding relationship. Here's some thoughts on weaning parties and my own experience saying goodbye to nursing.

Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding
After 5 collective years of breastfeeding my daughters, I'll soon be nursing for the last time. Some musings and thoughts on this emotionally difficult step of saying goodbye to breastfeeding.

Getting Pregnant while Breastfeeding
Many women, especially those who wait until they are older to start having children, are concerned about their ability to get pregnant if they breastfeed. Explore facts and myths on this topic.

Fertility and Breastfeeding
A basic understanding of the effect of breastfeeding on fertility.

Breastfeeding and Guilt
Breastfeeding advocates and breastfeeding mothers often find it challenging to talk about the benefits and rewards of breastfeeding without accusations of being judgmental or making other mothers feel guilty. My thoughts on this complex issue.

Breastfeeding and Health Care Costs
Explores the goal on an April 2010 study in Pediatrics exploring the public health benefits of a 90% exclusive breastfeeding rate for the first 6 months of life. Discusses the kinds of support and education needed to meet this goal.

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