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Sextortion is the art of blackmailing someone for sex acts. If you have a web cam you may be at risk for someone to "peek" into your private life and later use that information against you. Teens are expecially at risk. Learn how to protect you online live.

Child Online Privacy Protection Act
Have you noticed some websites require children be 13 years of age or older to create an account on their site? This is due to a Federal law called the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. Yet the information your child provides in their profile may jeopardize them more. Read on to keep them safe.

Teen Safety When Partying
Does your teen know how to stay safe when partying? Read my article and learn how to keep your teen safe in peer pressure situations.

Cell Phone Safety
Cell phones have literally replaced landlines, yet there is a different learning curve to turn on and use a cell phone. Have you taught your child how to call 911 on a cell phone?

Public Restroom Safety
Do you let your children use a public restroom alone or do you insist on a safety in numbers approach? Read my article to learn how to keep children safe when you are away from home.

Alisa Maier Safe - Paul Sterling Smith Dead
Alisa Maier's safe return is a testament to the effectiveness an Amber Alert can play in helping a community find an abducted child. Alisa Maier is home safe after being kidnapped by convicted child predator Paul Sterling Smith. Learn how the Amber Alert worked to save this child.

Summer Safety and Emergency Planning
Summer is here. Learn to stay safe at home and away from home. Do you have an emergency plan and have you practiced what to do?

Mistake of Age Clause
The mistake of age clause is a legal loophole that allows a child offender to walk away from having physical relatiuons with a child 14 and under. Are you aware of the mistake of age clause in South Carolina?

Have You Seen Me?
The campaign is titled “Have you seen me?" and is delivered to every mailbox across America weekly containing a picture of a missing child. Do you look at those pictures or simply toss the coupon mailer in the recycle bin?

Verifying Information Online
Do you verify email and electronic media information for accuracy or do you accept what is provided on the internet as the implicit truth? Read my article to see why it is now more important than ever to verify before forwarding false information.

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