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Child Abductor Eugene Parnell Dies
The world is a bit safer today. Kenneth Eugene Parnell is dead at age 76. He died from natural causes, at the State of California Correctional Facility Officials in Vacaville California Medical Facility. He is perhaps one of California's most brazen child kidnappers and molesters.

Kidnapper Walks Elementary Student Out of School
In a brazen attempt at child abduction and child sexual assault, a man walked into the Lalumier Elementary School in the Cahokia Illinois School District this week, and upon seeing an eight-year-old female student drinking at a water fountain, and told her a teacher wished to speak to her outside.

The Newest Tool of Child Predators - Cellphones
Cell phones are what most parents will buy a child in order to feel that their child is safe. Cell phones have become a pedophiles new tool to groom a child for a meeting. A parent may never realize a sex offender is contacting their child for a physical meeting until it is too late. Find out why.

Age-progression is the process of changing the physical facial features of a person in order to create an idea of what the person may look like now. when a child disappears at the age of 3 and is still missing 11 years later, age-progression can show what he or she would look like now. Find out how.

Nanny Cam Documents Child Abuse
Within one hour after the hidden camera began documenting the day in the life of their nanny, the parents see the nanny slap their little boy across the face, then push him down, and pinch him on the leg, as he cries at the bottom of the stairs.

Dangers of Abuse of Authority
Parents teach children from an early age to listen to adults, and to respect adults, especially those who represent authority figures. By teaching children to respect authority and elders, unequivocally, and without question, is in reality setting up a child for exploitation.

New Jersey Bans Death Penalty - Megan's Law Killer Commuted to Life
Jesse Timmendequas is one of eight inmates whose life, or rather his death, is now significantly affected, by New Jersey abolishing the death penalty. In 1997, Jesse Timmendequas received a conviction and death sentence for the brutal rape, beating, and strangulation murder of Megan Nicole Kanka.

He Was Nice To My Kids
The mother of a teenage girl recently molested by a neighbor spoke these words, “He was nice to my kids, he'd take her to the library, I thought that was all that was going on." A person who is interested in hanging around a child that is not his should send up many red flags for the parent.

Angie Marie Housman Cold Case
Fourteen years ago, while walking home from her bus stop she disappeared, that was November 18, 1993. Fourteen years ago, she was in fourth grade, and aspiring to grow up and be a nurse's aide. Fourteen years later her killer is still out there.

Cyber-harassment, Cyber-bullies, and Cyber-suicide
In the end, an adult led each girl to believe she was talking to a boy her own age. In the end, both girls were deceived by adults who knew what they were doing, harassing a minor over the internet, pretending to be someone they were not, and in the end two beautiful young girls were dead.

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