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Stranger Dangers
Children face many dangerous situations including strangers, which represent possible kidnappers, abductors, sex offenders, and present red flags in the world of keeping children safe. Here are some ideas to teach kids how to protect themselves from strangers.

School Safety for Students
One of the most important safety tips a parent can implement to protect a child headed into a new school year is NEVER write a child’s name on the outside of a shirt, jacket, backpack, or lunch box. Keep your child safe from a child molester.

Missing Child Reachelle Marie Smith
Reachelle Marie Smith was only 3 the night she disappeared from her home. She was last seen sleeping on her couch by her aunt and legal guardian and was gone the next morning.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act
In a bittersweet ceremony, John and Reve Walsh stood with the President of the United States in the Rose Garden at the White House on the 25th Anniversary of the disappearance of their son Adam Walsh. Read on to find out why the couple was there.

Lifetime GPS Monitoring for Predators
Electronic or GPS (Global Positioning System) monitoring required for a lifetime for certain child and violent sexual predators, even after they complete sentencing.

Cell Phone Reuinites Missing Child in Carjacking
Mom's cell phone helps save eight year old during carjacking and reunites the boy with his parents.

Legal Loophole Protects Offenders
The Sex Offender Accountability and Protection of Minors Act of 2006, gives pedophiles a get out of jail free card, failing to protect children.

Code Adam Missing Child Program
Have you ever been shopping at a local super store and suddenly realized your child is missing? Find a store employee to activate a Code Adam a nationwide missing child safety program. Read this article and find out how the Code Adam missing child program could help find a child.

Predators in Cyberspace
Who do you let into your home via the internet? Child predators are lurking in cyberspace waiting for an innocent child to log onto the home computer. Learn how to keep your children safe while surfing.

Saint Louis Child Murders of 1993
Angie Marie Housman and Cassidy Senter were kidnapped and murdered within days of each other in Missouri. Parents, and even police wondered if there was a child serial killer terrorizing Saint Louis. Angie's killer is still unknown. Read and find out how you can help.

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