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Growing Your Cymbidiums
Cymbidiums, known for their beautiful flowers, are easy to grow. Some of them have a wide range of temperature and drought tolerance. They can be grown easily even by beginners.

Orchids Need To be Labelled
Labelling your orchids is very important. It will help in how to grow the orchid properly. Labelled orchids can be left with specific care instructions with friends when going on vacations.

Alternative Of Urea for Orchids
Can bio-fertilisers replace urea? Yes, it can be replaced and there are a number of options available.

Some Orchids Might Survive Outside In Winter
There are orchids that could survive even in snow. Read the article and find out which one of your orchid can be left out in winter.

Shifting Orchids Inside
With the temperature starting to dip, it is time now to shift your orchids under some shelter or inside, where they are more protected from low temperatures and cold winds.

Controlling MealyBugs on Orchid
It is now mealybugs turning up to trouble me and my plants. Some of you could be facing the same problem. Let me help you on how to get rid of these persistent pests.

Aphid Repelling Plants That Can Grow With Orchids
Pestered by pests like aphids, why don't you try growing some plants ..... aphid repelling plants.

Dendrobium Farmeri - Farmer's Dendrobium
Dendrobium farmeri has beautiful and sometimes scented flowers. The stems, also called canes, is uniquely shaped.

Cultivation And Use Of Azolla
Azolla is easy to cultivate and it multiplies very quickly under right conditions. Check out its method of cultivation and use.

Natural Fertilizer - Azolla
Natural or organic fertilizers not only supply the major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium but also release micronutrients which are just as important. Unlike Chemical fertilizers they do not create an imbalance in the soil.

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