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Book Review: The Intellectual Devotional
Review of a new type of daily devotional which focuses on the stimulation of the mind and the continuance of education.

Better to Give Than to Receive
We all have blessings in our lives, just as we have trials. And we can all make life better for someone who is more disadvantaged than ourselves. All it takes is time, compassion and understanding.

Giving Thanks in 2006
While there will always be a cause to support and an injustice to right, it is also important to take the time to see what is good in our lives and our world. For these things, we must take time to give thanks!

Teen Depression
Teens are a strange breed, exhibiting mood swings and developing their own personalities and character traits. So how do we know, as parents, when there is a real problem?

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Survivor stories; early detection awareness; and organizations supporting the cause

Single Parenting and College - Children KNOW Guilt!
The guilt that a single parent receives from their children can be the worst deterent for anything they undertake - including college. Give and take is the key!

Single Parents & College - Living with Guilt
Amy is the single mom of a four-year old daughter. She had to make some difficult choices in order to obtain her college degree and raise her daughter successfully. But they were choices will lead her and her daughter to a better place...

The Guilt Factor - How do Single Parents Afford Time for College
Time is a precious comodity - especially when you are raising children. So how does a single parent deal with the guilt factor when they decide to use some of that precious time to go back to college?

Book Review: The OverAchievers
While we strive to continue to improve the education system in the United States, what is truly happening to those children who strongly feel the need to "be the best"?

Juggling College, Job and Parenting
Single Parenting is a challenge on its own. Some of us have chosen to further our education in the effort to better provide for our children. Facing those challenges is an educational experience in itself!

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