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Making the Most of Your LIfe
We ask our teens to trust, have faith, and believe in themselves, but do we guide them in "how" this should be done? Sometimes we are not sure ourselves.

Self-Worth and Misconceptions
While it is a good idea to remind ourselves of these truths, this article is actually aimed at your tweens and teens. Self-worth is a delicate commodity. As parents, we need to take every opportunity to let our children know they are valuable and are responsible for their own worth.

Rise in Teen Violence Concerning
Teen violence is on the rise. More teens seem to believe that the way to solve their problems is through violence. Parental guidance is the key to our teens finding more productive methods of dealing with conflict.

Addressing Cyberbullying
Bullying has always been a problem for children and teens; however, cyberbullying takes the intimidation to a new level. What can you and your child or teen do about it?

Reviving Family
There are many types of families and family issues, but with cooperation and perserverance families can live up to the important roles with which they have been entrusted.

The Needs of Young Mothers
Very young mothers (16-20) find themselves in a new world where much is expected fo them. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc., there is much that we can - and should - offer in support of this new phase of life.

The Power of Patience
Patience is a quality often sought and rarely easily found. Patience is necessary as a parent; however, I often found myself lacking in this department. Perhaps it is not patience that is really needed?

Parents are Important
It seems that our children depend on us for shelter, food, and money, but do they realize our true purpose in their lives? Do we?

The Need for Guidance
Children and teens need lots of guidance in order to gain the tools they need to make safe, sound decisions for their future. While there are many places they can learn their decisio-making skills, the best source of such guidance is parents.

Benefits of the Family Environment
Today's children and teens miss out on many necessary skills and much needed knowledge when they substitute friends for the family environment. What are the pros and cons of each and where should parents stand?

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