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Introducing Single Father, Addam
I have been searching for the perspective of a single father for some time and was blessed with meeting Addam. This article introduces you to this dedicated single father as we plan a series of articles addressing parenting issues from a single father´s perspective.

Single Parents Seeking Happiness
Every wondered when you were going to find the time for a little person happiness? If you are waiting for it to fall into your lap, it isn´t going to happen! So what can you do?

Teens and the GSA
The teenage years are a critical time of examining sexuality and beliefs regarding sexuality. As parents and adults, are we promoting the right environment for our teens to successfully answer these difficult questions for themselves?

Dealing with Teen Suicide
Prevention is the obvious goal when it comes to teen suicide. But what can we do once it happens to help our teens deal with the aftermath?

Finding Balance Through Nature
A childhood experience that has stayed with me all my life has also been helpful in raising my daughters. Teaching relaxation and balance through nature has amazing effects!

Life After Abandonment
Abandonment is a feeling that never goes away. A person simply cannot "get over it" without first walking through it and thoroughly exploreing it. What does happen when our children face abandonment and decide to deal?

Dealing with Prejudice
Prejudice comes in many styles and forms: gender, race, sexuality, religion, ethnicity and socio-econmic status. We are all "different" in some way. How do we teach our children not to be harmed by prejudice they may face and how to respond without resorting to prejudice themselves?

The Benefits of Nature
Our society, which once depended upon nature, has been slowly losing touch with nature. Perhaps modernization has resulted in a loss of balance that can only be restored through the "great outdoors."

Book Review: In An Instant
The nation gasped when they received the news of the injuries of ABC´s Bob Woodruff as he rode with U.S. troops in Iraq. Their story will bring light to the pain and triumphs of all U.S. families who deal with the injuries and deaths of their loved ones who bravely fight this war.

Avoiding Teenage Pregnancy
Statistics state that teenage pregnancy is on the decline. But statistics do not ease the concerns of parents of teenagers. How can parents help in the quest to lower teenage pregnancy rates?

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