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Taxes, Socialism, Redistribution of Wealth
The Republicans have focused on the story of Joe the Plumber and spreading the wealth. They used this story to label Democrats as socialists. But it is a fact that one of our first tax credits for tax and wealth redistribution was created during the Republican Reagan presidential term (per CNN).

Truth or Dare - Obama & McCain Promises - Taxes
Wouldn’t you like to see a political campaign where the information you heard and read in ads was the truth and not information with so much spin on it that the truth is disguised in the spinning words. Politicians should have to sign a Truth or Dare pledge at the beginning of their campaigns...

Is my Investment Loss Deductible for my Taxes?
You can’t turn on a TV, Radio or Computer these days without hearing about the economy and the plummeting values of investments. So you might find yourself wondering if your losses for the year in the value of your investments is deductible for tax purposes...

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Tax Preparer
Enrolled Agents, Tax Professionals licensed by the IRS (EA’s) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) are required to earn continuing education credits by attending seminars and taking courses to stay current on tax and accounting matters.

Haunted by Taxes
Fall is here. In Pennsylvania it’s the beginning of leaves changing to spectacular colors and crispy, crunchy leaves all over the ground. It is also the Halloween Season for haunting and unfortunately being haunted. Are you being haunted by unresolved tax issues or inadequate tax preparedness?

Tax Plan Facts of Obama and McCain for Your Review
As we know every politician that aspires to be an elected official learns early in their quest that people want a tax plan that is favorable to them personally. For your review today I present information from a Tax Plan Comparison of the two leading presidential candidates from

Taxes, Politicians and Their Halloween Masks
Halloween is just around the corner but when you listen to politicians speak you have to wonder if they have already put on their masks. Americans concerned about taxes, and the economy should all be asking, “Will the real candidate please stand up and take your mask off please”.

Labor Day, Taxes and The American Way
What does Labor Day have to do with Taxes? It’s the American way to work hard for what we want and to pay as little in taxes as possible so we have something left so we can play and celebrate life.

The Johnny Jingles Amended Return Decision
Johnny Jingles filed his return and then he realized that he didn’t claim the unemployment payments he received when he was laid off at the beginning of the year. Now he has a decision to make – to file or not file an amended return – that is the question.

Do I Need a Federal EIN for My Sole Proprietorship
It is often very confusing when you are an individual but you are also operating a business. One of the issues that you need to decide when this is your business scenario is if you really need a Federal (EIN). The answer is also confusing. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.

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