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Canadian Recession
With companies going bankrupt and the loss of over 295,000 jobs since last October, it is pointless to ignore it any longer, Canada has entered a recession.

Mr. Dressup
Few others have touched our heart the way Ernie Coombs has. Though his intention was to simply make a show that would allow children to use their imaginations what he did was form a symbol for our childhood, he became a kind of hero. Not a hero who wore a cape, but one we looked up to and trusted.

Moving to Canada - site goals
What the "Moving to Canada" goals are, what is to come, and what you can find here

Heartland Review
I give my honest opinion on Heartland, one of Canada´s new family drama´s

Ice Fishing In Canada
Ice fishing has a rising popularity amongst Canadians this winter. Should you join in as well?

The Destruction of Louisbourg
The final battles which lead to the tragic end of the fortress of Louisbourg.

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First Attack On Louisbourg
Learn how the French lost their mighty fortress after a 45 day battle.

The Fortress of Louisbourg
Wondering what to do this summer, why not jump back into the 1700's?

The Founding of Louisbourg
Learn how the small island of Ile Royale became home to Louisbourg. Follow its growth from a simple spread of land to a settlement full of wealth and promise of things to come.

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