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High Rollers for Cards
Remember the game show "High Rollers"? Here is a way to adapt that show to a partial deck of cards.

Three 21 Card Game
Can you make a "21" three times? This solitaire game is a fun one to play.

Play Card Sharks
Card Sharks was on regular broadcasting channels years ago. It is now seen on The Game Show Network at different times. Here is how to bring that game show into your life.

Remembering Card Sharks
Remember the game show, "Card Sharks"? If so, then this is a walk down memory lane. If not, when The Game Show Network airs this show, you should try watching it.

Touchdown Card Game
Touchdown is a solitaire game that will quickly come to a conclusion. All you need is a regular fifty two card deck and space to lay (possibly) all thirteen cards of one suit.

PLAY4D Review
Randy Cottingham has a good thing going with his PLAY4D calendar playing cards. He showed them at BoardGameGeek.con 2009 in Dallas and they were enjoyed. This article is a review of the card game system.

Scoring Poker Hands
This article shows the ranking of poker hands. Each ranking has a description so you know what to aim for.

Poker Bluffing Body Language
Bluffing in poker is every bit as strategic as the game itself. It could definitely mean the difference between winning and losing a hand. Bluffing takes place in many forms. This article should help you with the body language of bluffing.

Trivia Card Games
Trivia games that have the board and cards are great to play. What if you decide to ditch the board? You can play many games without the trivia game board.

Something About Me Card Game
A fun way to get to know other people. All you need is a deck of index cards, a few people and someone willing to be the facilitator.

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