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Using Less Electricity - My Case Study
Want to use under 400 kWh of electricity a month? Here are my notes on trying to get my electric use count to this small goal. Even if these ideas don't work for you, there might be a tip or two in here you can adapt for your own family.

Inexpensive Power Inverter for Cars
This inexpensive car outlet power converter can recharge and power all your small electronics while traveling, camping, or in in extreme frugal or catastrophic situations. Here is my review.

Selling on Ebay and Fiverr - Book Reviews
Fast tips on how to get started selling on eBay and post gigs on Fiverr. Increase your income streams via these internet platforms. These two short ebooks are both from BellaOnine's Living Simply Editor - here are my reviews.

Living Simply - Book Review
Here is an excellent ebook with lessons on decluttering your home and office, living with less and being happy with a more simple lifestyle. Read my review for details!

Laundry Room Money Saving Tricks
Tips for saving money in the laundry room! Take a look at saving money before you wash, at the washing machine, and when it comes to use the dryer.

Cheap Uses for Applesauce
Delicious and frugal ways to use applesauce to expand your food budget!

Surge Protectors Save Electricity
Modern electronics suck electricity from your wall even when you think they are turned off. A surge protected power strip will ensure you don't waste money by letting you turn appliances completely off, with no ghost energy drain at all.

Free and Fun Community Activities
Have tons of free and frugal fun in your own hometown, no matter where you live. If you open your eyes, there might be a whole lot more going on than you see on the surface. Here are some starter ideas!

Frugal Breakfasts - Oatmeal Ideas
Oatmeal is cheap, filling, tasty and very versatile as a frugal breakfast staple. Here are three nutritious ideas to get you started.

Cheap House Cleaning Basics
You really only need about five household products to run a clean and tidy home. By using basics like vinegar, baking soda and an oil-based soap for wood, you can be frugal and live more simply.

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