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How to Find Free Fruit
Sometimes you are given free bags of fruit and the race is on to use them before things rot! Here is a primer on how to find those free fruit windfalls.

Improve Winter Indoor Air Quality
In the wintertime, things are generally chilly to downright cold, keeping you indoors, with the windows and doors shut! This is a good time of year to focus on creating a healthy indoor environment.

How to Live in Cars - Book Review
Curious about the extraordinary savings you can set aside if you live in your car and forsake paying rent, utilities and mortgages completely? This ebook has every detail covered. It's an amazing look at extreme frugality.

Composting - Earth Machine Review
Using the Earth Machine to compost kitchen and yard wastes is quicker and less messy than turning a compost pile.

Getty Museum - Free Places in Los Angeles
While entering the renowned Getty Museum in Los Angeles is free, parking fees are very steep. Learn how to enjoy the Getty for absolutely free, and get tips to plan out your visit.

Beachcombing - Seashore Foraging Tips
Scavenging along the beach can be really productive for those living frugally. Here are the basics on what you can find and how you can use them, from seaweed, sand, shellfish and sea glass.

Buy a Used Bike and Trailer for Errands
Save a ton of gas money (and wear on your car) buying a used bicycle and child trailer set up for local shopping and errand running. Here are my tips and experiences for buying the whole rig under $100.

Buy a Used Car Cheap
If you need to buy a car, think used. Learn where to look for used cars and how to pick the best one for your budget.

Wild Food Foraging in Urban Areas
Chill out with a refreshing beverage foraged from your backyard and neighborhood, and scavenge free salads and spices for your dinner. Here are a few things you can easily find, for example, in the city of Los Angeles.

Foraging for Wild Foods - Basics
Foraging for food and supplies is something everyone can do. And it's fun! There are a ton of natural materials and plants just out there, free for the taking. This article introduces a few easy to find food items you might well be tripping over.

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