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Annuities Aren't Life Insurance (and vice versa)
Although both annuities and life insurance are sold by life insurance companies, annuities and life insurance are two different products serving two different needs. This article explores the needs that annuities meet.

Who Gets the Benefit?
There is much debate over who benefits from health care reform. This article will address who benefits: consumers, insurers or the government.

Long-term Insurance Coverage
Long-term care (LTC) insurance helps pay for the care you need when you can no longer care for yourself. This article uncovers various long-term coverage and benefit choices and long-term insurance cost.

Pay As You Drive Insurance
Slowly but surely insurers are beginning to offer auto-insurance plans that charge motorists based on the number of miles driven. This article discusses the the benefits that PAYD insurance provides.

AIG Makes Changes to Compensation Structure
The insurance giant is in the news again--but this time not for using federal bailout money. AIG has just launched a new system to determine how executives get incentive pay.

Changes Could Mean Extra Help
An overview of changes in the law could mean extra help for Medicare receipients.

Mortgage Premium Insurance
Understanding morgages and insurance is difficult at best. This article will explore the meaning of mortgage insurance as well as a discussion about mortgage insurance tax deductions for 2009/2010

Tuition Refund Insurance
As tuition rates skyrocket and the economy continues to weaken, obtaining tuition insurance is becoming a much more accepted way for parents to protect their investment.

Insurance Fraud--Prevent It!
Though insurance fraud is not a crime you hear about, it is an extremely costly one. This article explores what insurance fraud is as well as different types of staged auto accidents.

Travel Insurance – Good Idea or Duplication?
Travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular, but in many cases it simply duplicates coverage you already have. This article identifies 8 tips to determine if purchasing travel insurance is the best route for you.

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