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Sukkot - Feast of Tabernacles
Of the seven feasts of Israel, Sukkot, also called The Feast of Tabernacles, is the most joyful, prominent, and most often mentioned feast mentioned in the Bible. It is still celebrated today in Israel.

Languages of the Middle East
The Middle East is an area of amazing and often overlooked linguistic diversity.

Hummus Recipe
Need to know how to make hummus? A reliable hummus recipe anyone can try at home. There is nothing as good as homemade hummus!

Afghan Naan
Afghan naan is an important part of daily life in Afghanistan. Recently, I learned how to make Afghan naan with minimal fuss and without having to build a tandoor.

An Introduction to Jewish Culture
This is a short introduction to the importance of Judaism for understanding Israeli and Jewish culture. Additionally, Israeli-Palestinian issues are always a hot political issue in American politics. Thus, understanding Judaism will aid in understanding key aspects of Jewish and Israeli mindset.

The Masada and Understanding Jewish Mindset
Understanding what happened at the Masada is a clue to understanding the modern Jewish mindset

A True Story About A Middle Eastern Woman
What do Middle Eastern women want you to know about them? They are overcomers...A true story about a woman from the Middle East.

The Oldest Laws In the World
The two oldest laws in the world come from the Middle East. Why discuss them? These two laws still have an influence on western civilization nb to this day. Read short excerpts to compare them.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were all built in the Middle East. Only one of these wonders is still visible today. What are the Seven Wonders and Where are they found?

One of the oldest Stories in the World
One of the oldest stories in the world, Gilgamesh, was carved on clay tablets in Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq.

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