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Taking a Class to Boost Your Business
There are always great reasons to take classes, but did you know that it could be one of the best business building exercises you can do? Here's how.

Surfing the Net to Get Inspired
The Internet has an almost inexhaustible quantity of ideas, innovations and information. Here's how you can use it to your benefit to keep your clientele always on the cutting edge as you take old tried and true recipes and jazz them up with new flair.

Research Information Sites for Your PC Business
Nutrition is the most important thing when it comes to sustainability in your cheffing for clients. There is a wealth of information online that can help make your life and culinary career a lot easier.

Cooking For More To Boost Your PC Business
Have you ever cheffed a party where more folks popped in than you planned? I've done a number of them. Do you rigidly stick to your agreed upon numbers or do you adjust and turn an inconvenience into opportunity? Here's what I mean.

Catering Mixers to Boost Your PC Business
More recently my wife and I were asked to cater a party. The budget was much lower than we usually worked for, but we had a good feeling about it and did it anyway. What surprised us was all the business that would come from it. Here's what happened.

Spice Avenue Restaurant Review
Every now and then my wife and I venture off the beaten path and take in a new restaurant in a new city. This time we were in Santa Barbara, California and the Restaurant was Spice Avenue an Indian restaurant. Here's my review.

Orzo Pasta Salad
Pasta can be a welcome guest to a meal to feed the masses. One of my favorites is orzo. It's fun, versatile and can easily be eaten hot or cold, savory or sweet. Here's a recipe I prepared to tantalize the taste buds of a few friends in town for a wedding.

Stuffed Eggplant Recipe
Growing up I have fond memories of eggplant coming out of my grandparents backyard being readied for the evening's meal. Eggplant is versatile, packed full of flavor and an easy dish to master. Here is one of the many ways in which you can prepare it.

Herbed Veggie Cheese Spread
There's nothing better than to have on hand ready made items of culinary convenience. It'll shrink a major project down to minor size in no time. Here's a recipe I like for a convenient spread that's great on crackers, bread, mixed in with pasta or as a tasty addition to a rich, creamy soup.

Making Your Alternatives List
Have you ever run into a client who has such a specialized diet that it takes you to the end of your limits? Sometimes as personal chefs we have to make special considerations for our special needs clientele. Here are some ways to insure you always have an answer to their concerns.

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