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Taking a Trip to Volunteer during a Disaster
Last-minute vacations are often about that steal of a deal that you just can't pass up. But sometimes, the opportunity to go is attached to helping out those who have been hit with disaster. Here are 5 tips you need to know before you go.

Plan Summer Vacations to National Parks
When you're thinking about summer vacation this year, where better to go play than in some of the 84 million acres of national parks that dot the United States! Read on.

Philanthropic Travel on a Budget
People often will embark on journeys across thousands of miles to volunteer. Here's a solo travel idea that doesn't have to take you far away from home, but still can feed your soul.

New York City - The Perfect Solo Vacation
If you haven't been to New York City and haven't made plans to, stop what you're doing right now, add it to your Bucket List or Travel Box and start planning to take a bite of the Big Apple.

3 Keys for Picking the Perfect Vacay City
Everyone has preferences as to what kind of vacation will suit them best - here are 3 key questions to ask yourself when you're planning that perfect solo excursion but aren't sure what city to choose.

5 Things to See in Boston
Ahh - Boston! Or is is Bah-stun? However you want to say it, Boston is a great city for solo travelers! Here are 5 things to see in the city - and you won't even need to rent a car.

Vacation in Sun Valley in the Summer Sun
When everyone thinks of Sun Valley, Idaho, they think of ski season, but there's just as much to this resort town for the solo traveler in the summer months. Read on.

Find the Best Vacation Deal Using Twitter
Everyone is always on the lookout for THE cheapest flight, ticket, hotel, etc. It's made discounters very popular, especially when summer is on the horizon. How can you be sure you're getting the best deal? Here's a hint - by the time you get the email, it's old news. Read on.

Top 5 Tips for Meditating on Public Transportation
Bad weather, noisy passengers, crowded conditions - they can all get to us when we're traveling solo. Here's how you can use the moments you have on public transportation to still your mind and find a little peace.

5 Tips for Staying Awake on Road Trips
If you've never taken a solo, long-distance road trip, pick a destination and put it in your Travel Box, and make a plan for the most important part of the drive - staying awake.

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