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Must See - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Taking a trip to Boston? Make sure you add the Museum of Fine Arts to your "must see" list!

Clip & Save Travel Articles for Vacay Inspiration
When embarking on a new year full of possibilities, one of my favorite things to do is add to my Travel Box. Create your own Travel Box, and inspiration for your next trip will never be far away.

2011 Travel Resolutions & Ideas
Every January, as customs go, we have a pretty good one in setting new goals and shooting for new heights in our lives. What are your solo travel resolutions for 2011?

It's Never Too Early to Plan a Christmas Vacation
When you're planning for Christmas, they always say that the best gift you can give is one that you would want to receive, but why wait on receiving it? Plan for your 2011 winter solo travel vacation now.

3 Tips for Starting Conversations
Traveling solo doesn't have to mean that you're alone - far from it, in fact - it's just your choice. Even if the thought of eating alone, walking alone, sightseeing alone or being the sole entertainment makes you cringe, here are some tips to make the journey less isolated,

Boston Duck Tours
Boston - known for cannoli at Mike's Pastry, Kelly's roast beef sandwiches, Faneuil Hall, and tea parties - but have you seen it by Duck? On your next trip to Beantown, do yourself a favor and jump on a Duck Tour. It's the best way to see everything you need to see in Boston.

Know the TSA Holiday Travel Rules
The Transportation Security Administration has gotten a lot of press this week about it's "enhanced" pat down procedures and security screening. Is it worth getting your knickers in a twist? Read on

5 Tips for Walking the City
Solo travel days can get you up and moving, but sometimes just planning to walk it can make for the best solo travel of all.

Mix Business and Vacation
Everyone thinks about vacation as a way to unwind and escape from the day to day stress of work, but you can have a so-called "working vacation" and make it work for you.

Tornado Safety Tips on the Road
You plan the perfect trip. You've done everything humanly possible to ensure that every minute will be spent doing exactly what you want to be doing. Your travel plans go off without a hitch - and then you land in tornado weather. Here's what's next.

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