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Find Your Plane Ride Zen
One of the questions I get most being a solo traveler is "don't you get tired of flying?" Not when I can find my plane zen. Read on.

Social Media Safety on the Road
When you travel, do you tweet and update your Facebook status? Check in with FourSquare or Gowalla? Tell the world where you are and when you're not at home? As tempting as it is to share our adventures with the world, think before you post.

Using ALL Your Vacation
When the month number ticks over to 10 and the ground crunches with leaves underfoot when you're taking that morning walk, a keen reminder surfaces: there's only 12 weeks left to use the rest of your vacation.

How to Plan a Food Budget for Vacation
When you're planning an extended vacation, it's easy to forget to plan your food budget. What's reasonable to assume you'll need? Read on

What do to if You Get Lost when Traveling Solo
When traveling solo, you don't have the luxury of looking to the seat next to you and saying "well, do you know where we are?" for an answer. Here's what to do - and what not to do - when you're lost and on your own.

Taking Ghost Hunting Vacations
Do haunted hotels and solo travelers mix? The choice is yours, but my answer is always yes. Read on.

Tips for Camping Safely
You have a sense of adventure that is leading your eyes to the hills and mountains. Your heart aches to be in nature, among trees and rolling creeks. You have no one around you who shares this feeling... can you go camping anyway? Of course you can. Read on.

Be Prepared for Disaster when Traveling
A day without internet access means a day to think - what would I do if this happened on a solo trip?

Eat, Pray, Love and Be Safe Traveling
"Eat Pray Love" has inspired masses of women in print and now on the big screen to take journeys - both spiritual and physical. And it's causing a lot of discussion now about how safe women are in traveling alone. What side do you take?

Labor Day Weekend Travel Tips
In a quandary about what to do for the last hurrah of summer? Look at Labor Day weekend plans carefully - but take the days off for you no matter what you do!

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