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Vision Issues Travel and Transportation
Loss of vision means a loss of mobility especially for individuals who can no longer drive. Transportation and travel is a major issue for the visually impaired. Discover some of the different programs that provide transportation and travel for the visually impaired.

Low Vision Cooking Aides Review
Cooking as a visually impaired person takes some rearranging of the kitchen and buying some helpful low-vision cooking products. Read a review article about some of the products I use at home in my kitchen.

How To Purchase Low Vision Cooking Products
Purchasing products for the visually impaired is a difficult task. Buying low-vision products that actually help a visually impaired cook takes research, trial and error, investigation, time, and effort. Learn some tips and techniques to help make the process easier.

Cataract Surgery Is the Surgery Right for You
Cataracts develop over time due to the buildup of protein deposits on the lens of the eye. The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. Cataract Surgery - is the surgery right for you. What important information should you know before having cataract surgery? Find out!

Vision & Eye Healthy Foods
Healthy vision begins with a proper diet, which provides the essential nutrients needed for good vision. Do you know what foods provide the correct nutrients? Do you have some favorite vision healthy recipes? Learn more about eye healthy foods today.

Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind Review
Did you know the visually impaired have a magazine written especially for them? The Magazine for the Blind is an up-to-date, informative and fun to read magazine. Find out more!

Vision Screenings Online Using the Computer
Screening your vision has become an easy task, especially with the development of the computer and the Internet. What screenings are available on the computer? When was the last time you had your vision screened? Is it time for you to have a vision screening? Try an online vision screening!

Vision Impairment Blind Services Rehabilitation
Your eye doctor has informed you that he/she can do nothing more to affect your vision issue; “What do you do next?” Do you know most doctors do not know what to tell a patient what they need to do next after all treatments are unsuccessful? Here are some important suggestions of what to do next.

Rebuild Your Vision Website Review
The Rebuild Your Vision Website contains a wealth of information about improving your vision through eye exercises and proper foods. A review of the website pinpoints important facts about the program. Is it possible to improve your vision to the point you no longer need glasses?

JAWS & Window Eyes Screen Reader Program Review
Screen Reader programs open access for the blind to the computer and the Internet. How does a screen reader program help a blind person use a computer and the Internet? Is learning to use a screen reader program difficult? Is the software easy to load? What are the disadvantages of the technology?

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