Cataract Surgery Is the Surgery Right for You

Cataract Surgery Is the Surgery Right for You
I have heard the saying that if you live long enough you will develop cataracts. I am not sure about the correctness of the saying. What I do understand is in most cases cataracts develop very slowly over a long time with most cases occurring in people over sixty-five years of age.

Cataracts develop due to the collection or buildup of protein deposits on the lens of the eye that form a white milky look to the pupil of the eye. Cataracts block the eyes ability to allow the entrance and exit of light in order for a person to have vision. A person can have cataracts in one or both eyes.

The treatment for cataracts is one of two forms of surgery. Eye doctors perform different exams to decide if a person is appropriate for surgery. Cataract surgery - is the surgery right for you

The first form of cataract surgery involves making a small slit in the eye to use ultra sound vibrations or a form of laser to break up the lens of the eye, which is then slowly removed by suction.

The second form of surgery involves removing the lens of the eye by making a small incision and pulling the lens out in one piece.

In both cases, the eye doctor inserts an implant to replace the lens. The implant is called and Intraocular lens or an IOL.

**The only known treatment for cataracts is surgery. Presently, no form of eye drops, medicine, eyewear or therapy can be used to treat cataracts. **But remember surgery is not always necessary in every situation.

Eye doctors take several forms of pictures of the shape of the eye to diagnose the condition of the lenses of the eye to make the decision if cataract surgery is appropriate for the patience.

Some personal advice:

I was diagnosed with cataracts as the cause of my vision loss but eventually, discovered cataracts was not the vision issue I was dealing with and causing my vision loss. I was finally, diagnosed correctly, as having Retinitis and the cataract surgery was unnecessary and caused more damage. I strongly advise anyone considering any form of eye surgery to have at least two or more opinions concerning your situation. Locate eye doctors who are greatly experienced with completing eye surgery and have the doctors make diagnoses before making the decision to have surgery. Cataract surgery can result in some very serious complications and some individuals have lost vision all together after having surgery.

**Learn about your doctor's level of training and experience then, ask as many questions as possible. You can also ask to speak to other patients who have experienced cataract surgery and find out how they decided if the surgery was correct for their condition.

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