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How to handle a sidewalk encounter with the blind
You step off the bus, turn to head down the sidewalk when you notice a blind person approaching using a white cane. What should you do next? Do you know what technique a blind person uses to travel along a sidewalk? What is the one thing you can do that offers the most help to the blind person?

National Library Services BARD Program Review
Do you know what the National Library Services BARD program offers the visually impaired and physically handicapped? Do you know what the letters B. A. R. D. represent in relation to people with visual and physical disabilities? Can a child join the BARD program? Is BARD a program you would enjoy?

All In Play Website Review
Vision loss promotes isolation from others. Finding ways to socialize on an equal playing field is not easy. The website, “All In Play” offers a solution to the problem. Discover the pros and cons of the website and find out if this site is a good way for the visually impaired to socialize.

How to Make Public Dining Enjoyable for the Blind
A blind co-worker invites you to lunch, what should you expect. Do you know how to guide a blind person? Do you help a blind person place an order? How does a blind person handle a dining situation? Do you know how to interact with a blind person during a meal? Are you expected to help? If so, how?

Women’s Eye Health Dry Eye Causes and Treatments
Most women over the age of fifty have dealt with Dry Eye syndrome. Do you know the different causes of dry eye or the possible treatments for occasional or chronic dry eye? Do you know the simple cleansing method for improving dry eyes? The cleansing method is simple, just…

Women’s Eye Health Statistics & Safety Precautions
What percentage of blindness and low-vision belong to women? Do you know why women have higher blindness and low-vision percentages around the world than men? Do you know the safety precautions for maintaining healthy vision for women? Do you know the warning signs for eye disease? Find answers!

How to Offer Help to a Blind Person
You exit a store, turn to walk down the sidewalk, look up and see a blind person with a white cane approaching, What should you do? Do you offer help or walk silently pass the person? You are in the grocery store and see a blind person alone, Should you offer assistance or not? You should…

Top Causes of Blindness and Low-Vision for Women
Do you know the top causes of blindness and low-vision loss for women? A list of eight causes of vision loss for women with definitions, causes, signs, symptoms and treatment provided. What is the number one cause of vision loss for African Americans/Blacks? What is Dry Eye? Find out…

Help A Family Member/Friend Deal With Vision Loss!
Do you have a family member or friend experiencing vision loss? Would you like to know how to help? Discover a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” along with some practical experiments, techniques, and common sense advice that make helping a visually impaired/blind family member easier – advice from life.

Vision Issues Fun Word games and Quizzes
Do you enjoy playing word games? Do you enjoy testing your knowledge? The games and quizzes located on the Vision Issues site can provide you with some great fun and the opportunity to take a deep breath and relax. In addition, the Vision Issues Knowledge Quiz reveals information about the editor!

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