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The 'Beyond Forty' Body and Food

In harking back to our Fabulous Beyond Forty theme, I'd like to take a look at the body of the ethnic beauty who is forty years of age or beyond. Let's peek at how food affects those bodies... Now we've all heard the whispers tantamount to everything goes south, or it all starts to sag or spread after a certain age. Well, that does not have to be the case. Sure, as we 'advance' our metabolism slows down, a bit. This I never wanted to believe but alas, it actually does happen. However, this inevitability does not have to be cause for alarm. It doesn't mean that the fabulous, beyond forty woman will have to step aside or be shelved, in order to make way for the sleeker set, or the 'new and improved' models. It just means that those of us with a beyond forty body will have to tweak our relationship with food.

To do this, first of all, our thinking should change. Then the way we feed our fab selves will follow. Sure, in the past we may have been Ms. It, those sleek young things who never gave a thought to the food or alcohol we consumed. Perhaps there was even a time when we could ingest a whole box of snack cakes without noticing a single ounce of weight gain. However, if we can't do that now, we shouldn't feel bad, because we had our time. Now we'll just have to switch things up, do them a little differently.

For one thing, we may now need to indulge in portion control. Instead of a whole plate full of pasta, we can downgrade to a tapas plate, or pay more attention to serving size. To aptly feed our forty and beyond bodies, we will also need more fresh fruit and veggies. In the grocer's freezer there are a host of great steamer bags, some that can even be popped into the microwave. Or why not add more nuts (if we're not allergic) and whole grains? Ah, and alcohol; we don't have to steer clear of it, but since it is high in calories, we can opt to enjoy it on special occasions, instead of indulging a couple of nights a week at happy hour.

If the menu screams 'All You Can Eat' remember, that doesn't mean we should. Further, when dining out, let us be mindful that for our beyond forty bodies -- although tempting -- hot bread slathered with sweet creamery butter can become a minefield. Therefore, why not have a healthy little snack beforehand? Ethnic Beauties, I'd also like to share something I read. This was a real eye-opener. The coffee that we love can also be a culprit for weight gain. Yes! Due to all the calories in the sweet little extras that flavor it! And for Pete's sake (whoever he is) let's stay away from those 'miracle' diets, because I have only discovered one miraculous thing. How fast one's money will disappear, and her self-esteem too, when fooling with something that appears too good to be true.

In dealing with our fab beyond forty bodies, perhaps you've noticed that just 'being' is no longer enough to keep one in shape. Well, that is why we also have the Bella Online Exercise site with our very own fitness guru Go Monica! Ethnic Beauties, in dealing with our beyond forty bodies, let us remember, we're all at a new stage and place in life. Therefore if we simply tweak the way we think, our actions will follow, and we will remain Fabulous!

For all those embarking on this journey with me, I wish you every success.

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